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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hello my friends,
Write this because i think we have a breakthrough ! This footage fromKevin Nieliwocki is going to be very important ! He filmed this while dusk falls ! I saw two of these years ago also at dusk ! this is a craft people ! lets do a experiment film your stuff at dusk ! please try it i think it has to to with daily light on these objects try to film when the dusk comes! i hope that Kevin still has the footage {i higher resolution} it will take a little while but i will try to show you what i mean.{exiting stuff}.
Compare it with this!

It was almost too dark to video this one but, it did come by quite low thankfully.
Franny Hudson Cool! just looks the same though as other anomalies I wouldnt say craft still looks balloon shaped 
Emoji unsure
 unless am missing somthing else lol.
Ronald Ricardo Yes it looks like that Franny but it is not! going to do my best to show that ! you also made footage of the red orb with the white translucent shape around it !
Franny Hudson Yeah the red orb! once I motion tracked and digital zoomed appears to be a face, but anomalies can manifest near enough into anything. Yeah looking forward to it Ronald Ricardo see what you can bring out of the footage! with your skills 
Emoji wink

Ronald Ricardo He Franny can you send me the footage tracked and stabilized ?What i think these are crafts the face is as if someone looks through a water drop {hull of the craft} when "they" look the face gets enhanced but we will see maybe its a mirage hahahaha.{in my mind}
Franny Hudson On the video you have uploaded after I show the raw footage, I then show it again zoomed an tracked. It certainly looks like a face! but who really knows hahaha.
Franny Hudson Tracking and zooming starts at 0.47
Jeremy Thomas I still do not see why finding a "craft" is so important, or as important, as what we are observing in anomalies. What we are observing is beyond classical ufologists imagination. Why do we need "crafts"??!!!
Jeremy Thomas Many of the objects /anomalies that we have recorded behave exactly like living being by themselves, there is absolutely nothing "mechanical" in them, they are the entities by themselves. Why do we need to think on crafts when we have the entity just in from of us, the craft and it's occupants fused in one single entity, a living entity.
Jeremy Thomas "Craft" is a "human concept". We can not imagine moving long distances in space without using a vehicle of some kind. But that is a reflection of our limitations and our composition and the way that we evolved as organism. That is not a necessity for other beings.
Ronald Ricardo I totally agree Jeremy the word craft is a way of expressing myself i really agree with you that the things we see also are living organism and are of non mechanical origin, or it can materialize to our frequency. I brainstorm a lot about these objects with a friend of mine its almost if "they" switch from frequency if "they" come in to our frequency. I personally think there are no distances the distances are a again a limitation of our way of seeing things {reflection}. I think we are on the right pad to solve these things.
Jeremy Thomas Meade Layne introduced the 4D interpretation of the UFO phenomenon in the 1940s . He claimed that the ufos/aeroforms were the "constructs" of the "ethereans", the ethereans he claimed to be beings living in another vibrational state in the "ether", that they can "materialize" an aeroform mentality in any form or shape, he also mentioned that these "mutants" have dynamic geometry.
Ronald Ricardo Jeremy, thats my theory as well! i always refer to them as the ethereans, funny that you mention that!
Jeremy Thomas Ronald Ricardo I recommend to you Meade Layne 1956 book : The coming of the Guardians.
Ronald Ricardo thanks, i heard about it and am going to look for the book!


by Meade Laine, M.A. -- 1956

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