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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eric Erasmo Rendon 9/11 às 0:14 -- A mimic of a square.

They just came in and fixed my Wi-Fi so I got it going again I'd like to share a video that I recorded a few days ago of an anomaly a biological entity that appeared as a mimic a square after I summoned.
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Rob Freeman Awesome catch Eric .. "the cube".
Eric Erasmo Rendon Thanks Rob , remember star track, The Borg Cube. 
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Rob Freeman Totally Emoji smile
Jeremy Thomas Great capture, it got a flaring neck too.
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Lupyllo Ledezma nice one is the cube
John Graf Nice catch brother.
John Graf Efrain shot this yesterday. Hans has the video on his page.

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