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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Eric Erasmo Rendon 4/11 às 23:16 -- My first anomaly encounter...

I wanted to share with the group, my first anomaly encounter that right away appeared after summoning was a BOX shaped Anomaly it was only about 200 ft above my roof and it was beautiful with a light pink shine illuminating off it, well today I went to my patio and summoned and right away I saw a anomaly Box looking shape it looked a little like the very first one I saw , I took video of it here's a picture I took with my cell next to my camera, sad to say my internet took a dump yesterday they need to come reset it or check the wiring on the pole, the earliest is Saturday 8-10am, I've never had any issues with Xfinty "Blast" I can't wait that way I can share the video plus I got a few other ones too 
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John Graf Wow! That's a crazy one for sure.
Eric Erasmo Rendon Yes John it looks nice it has a slow movement, I also have video of a nice orb about 15 feet over my roof moving across as soon as they come fix my internet I'll down load it from my camera to my iPhone. 
Lupyllo Ledezma good one i got that one before bro i dont know if see it
Eric Erasmo Rendon Thanks Lupyllo , nice video yes the cube looks big
Lupyllo Ledezma Eric Erasmo Rendon yes and is good to know that more than one get it recorded
John Graf Great catch. This object seems to be morphing and breathing.

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