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Saturday, March 26, 2016

John Graf 9/11 às 20:28 -- Humanoid captured by Efrain Iniguez in Monterey Park

Humanoid captured by Efrain Iniguez in Monterey Park yesterday. Nov.8 2015.
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Rob Freeman Great work Efrain .. we're you able to get video also?
John Graf It's on Jay Lee's FB page Rob.
Rob Freeman Saw that, but it's not as clear as Efrian's photo .. did anyone get good clear video?
Jay Lee Not that clear. I was just about to leave so the telescope was packed up.
John Graf I thought you got some pretty good footage Jay. Not sure who else got video.
Patrick Ryan I saw Fausto getting some good stuff. Unsure if it was video or not.
Patrick Ryan By the way, I dont' think it's missing it's head. I think that big thing is its head. I see in Efrains photo what looks to be possible eyes and mouth.
Jeremy Thomas To be honest, this is a great capture, but it is an anomaly with a certain "resemblance", pushing really, to a humanoid shape, calling it "humanoid" is really very inaccurate.
Patrick Ryan I also noticed a bumpy ridge (Mohawk style) on head. Typical feature of reported reptilians.
Jeremy Thomas "Reported reptilians" can anybody provide any hard data suporting claims like this from any reliable source? That is the kind of claim that we can find in almost any UFO site/forum in the net. Hard data is key, otherwise is very hard to entertain such claims.
Jeremy Thomas Almost no claim or buzz word used in the UFO believers world pass the "consistent observational data" requirement, that is why they had been and will continue to be stuck in that world, when what you claim is not being observed by the people doing intense observations of reality as active observers, then very likely what you are claiming is inaccurate.

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