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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jeremy Thomas August 14 at 9:42pm -- The "peace of mind" provided by being consistent

The "peace of mind" provided by being consistent

Once YouTube user theInterzone( mentioned to me that he stopped posting balloon shaped anomalies because he was losing subscribers each time that he posted any video depicting that kind of anomalies. I asked him: how the people that we are trying to inform can determine what we post or not?

By posting consistently what is observed disregarding the unavoidable reactions coming from uninformed people you create an audience that will be better prepared for your future postings, usually uninformed or bad intentioned people will not be persistent enough and will give up their hate campaigns, but the "consistent" approach should persist.

Obviously we are fighting against a huge machinery of disinformation that is coming from everywhere, but by being consistent we present an uniformed approach that will contrast against all garbage that is coming from the traditional sources and slowly but surely some changes are already visible today that were not seen two years ago.

Anomalies as a "description" form for UFO manifestations is being used today a lot more than two years ago, the "nuts and bolts" pervasive approach is losing "market share" and for crystal clear reasons and this tendency will only increase by the fact that better instruments will always be more accessible and that will make possible better evidence and that evidence will provide what we had been documenting: Anomalies.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jeremy Thomas August 9 at 11:21am

 August 9 at 11:21am

The narrow perception of UFO/ET believers

The anthropocentric vision of classical Ufology had percollated down to an army of UFO/ET believers, these people are recognized inmediately by their narrow "mechanicist" expectation.

For these "bright" people if an object is highly reflective it will be "metallic", if one object flared it just had used its "thrusters", if the object released angel hair then the object fired its "lasers", if the object ejected some secundary anomalies then it was releasing "drones", if the object was self luminous and seen at night then this object had its "lights on" and so on.

The idea of bio-luminosity or similar is beyond their imagination or something that we still had not conceived, reality had shown multiple times to be infinitely rich and our current stock of ideas or notions always will be incomplete when trying to describe reality, sometimes completely new paradigms are needed to describe some aspects of reality.

Anomalies appear to be beyond the grasp of anthropogenic interpretations or narrow nuts and bolts interpretations. That is why still today traditional Ufologists and their army of believers are stuck in the past and have their heads stuck in the sand.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter

The open–access journal for physics
New Journal of Physics

From plasma crystals and helical structures towards inorganic living matter

V N Tsytovich
1G E Morll
V E Fortov
N G Gusein-Zade
B A Klumov
and S V Vladimirov

General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Vavilova str. 38,
Moscow, 119991, Russia
Max-Planck-Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik, 85740 Garching, Germany
Insitute of Physics of Extremal State of Matter, Russian Academy of Science,
Moscow, Russia
School of Physics, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia

New Journal of Physics 9 (2007) 263
Received 19 April 2007
Published 14 August 2007
Online at

Abstract. Complex plasmas may naturally self-organize themselves into stable interacting helical structures that exhibit features normally attributed to organic living matter.

The self-organization is based on non-trivial physical mechanisms of plasma interactions involving over-screening of plasma polarization. As a result, each helical string composed of solid micro particles is topologically and dynamically controlled by plasma uxes leading to particle charging and over-screening, the latter providing attraction even among helical strings of the same charge sign. These interacting complex structures exhibit thermodynamic and evolutionary features thought to be peculiar only to living matter such as bifurcations that serve as ‘memory marks’, self-duplication, metabolic rates in a thermo dynamically open system, and non-Hamiltonian dynamics.

We examine the salient features of this new complex ‘state of soft matter’ in light of the autonomy, evolution, progenity and auto poiesis principles used to dene life.

It is concluded that complex self-organized plasma structures exhibit all the necessary properties to qualify them as candidates for inorganic living matter that may exist in space provided certain conditions allow them to evolve naturally.

Author to whom any correspondence should be addressed.
New Journal of Physics 9 (2007) 263 PII: S1367-2630(07)48657-8

1367-2630/07/010263+11$30.00 © IOP Publishing Ltd and Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jeremy Thomas August 3 at 2:32pm -- Cooled or Uncooled thermal cameras?

August 3 at 2:32pm

Cooled or Uncooled thermal cameras? 

Since thermal cameras can register the thermal emissions from the environment then that implies that it will register thermal emissions from itself, by using cooled thermal sensors at cryogenic temperatures the sensitivity of thermal cameras is far superior to the ones that are not cooled, more details here:

Jeremy Thomas August 3 at 1:37pm -- The "universal" character of Anomalies

Jeremy Thomas

The "universal" character of Anomalies

Anomalies had been observed regularly by all kind of people: religious, atheists, with academic degrees, without any degrees, etc. This clearly shows that nobody is really "special", the world is out there for anybody that really want to perceive it disregarding any "social status" of any given observer or any pretenses of uniqueness.

But that do not contradict the observer unique perspective, for any given observer the world "turn around" him/her from that observer perspective. For that observer the world exists because it is being observed by him/her; in other worlds: the world exists because the observer exists from the observer perspective.

Jeremy Thomas July 31 at 12:54pm -- The meaning of this being an advanced Group.

The meaning of this being an advanced Group

We assume that people in this group have a minimal intellectual capacity that is not tied to any academic degree but to the capacity of learning from public and easily available information and from what others had already done.

Progress in Science is not only gained by discovering new things but by building knowledge on top of knowledge gained, if we do not use or learn from what others had done then progress is really not possible because we will be doing and rediscovering what others had already done in a never ending loop.

Traditional Ufology had fallen many times in that trap of going over and over the same things, nighttime observers many times "discover" dual or triplets objects moving in the sky, the consummated believers will assume this to be their beloved UFOs and that will be the end of their search, that will be the end of their "research"(if that can be called research).

But many times very simple searches in Google for example will reveal the correct answer to many questions, the pervasive assumptions and preconceptions will only lead to the perpetuation of myths.

We all are learning and gaining knowledge will only help in making better analysis and documentation of our observations, knowledge is there to be shared and build on top of it and we should try to use what is already public knowledge otherwise we will be stuck in the same patterns that classical Ufologists had been for more than 60 years.


Jeremy Thomas To "wide open this field" we need to go beyond what traditional Ufologists had done: we need to have an in-depth knowledge of atmospheric properties studying what others had done, even research papers, we need to know our instruments limitations and advantages, knowing only advantages and ignoring limitations will lead to the mistake done by almost all nighttime observers with their very limited optical magnification equipment and ignoring the intrinsic limitations of nighttime observations: the lack of light. And mostly fighting our very own tendency to "assume" using preconceptions, filling the missing details or information with preconceived ideas; the very root of all traditional Ufology myths and problems.

This will take many, many years but that is the nature of this game.

Rob Freeman I understand that there is much better equipment under development & will be on the market soon that will start to allow more detailed observation of night time anomalies. Hopefully that will start also to solve the questions around who & what these nocturnal visitors are? A lot is myth of course, but there is so much beyond that, waiting to be discovered. Einstein once said: "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

Jeremy Thomas Well Rob Freeman many here had been doing regular observations precisely because there is alluring in doing it, the fact that many of us continue doing these observations, improving the instruments, finding before others the limitations of these instruments is because we really are interested in moving forward avoiding the repetition of old mistakes that you now are encountering for a first time, we like precision and objectivity something very rare to find in many people, by pointing mistakes and debunking myths we are trying that people avoid making the same mistakes, but we also know that many people are unable to learn and/or unwilling to listen, they will continue repeating the same mistakes that had been done before over and over.

As I had mentioned before several times the technology is here for nighttime observations and the main limitation is optical magnification, waiting for mass produced equipment to resolve research problems had very rarely solved the research problems, only custom made, tailored equipment for "the problem at hand" usually is the way to move forward, but many people do not even know the basic physics behind the problems.

Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. for example, I'm working with GSCI, who supplied my thermal & night vision, here in Canada. They have access to thermal sensors that are twice (2x) as sensitive as existing, and the optic company is prepared to custom make a lens with 2X more magnification. For me / us, that's quite exciting, as I / we use the thermal scope for both day & night observation. I'm very frustrated that I cannot see more detail than I'm currently getting & am continuing to explore & obtain better equipment.

Jeremy Thomas And after several years "interacting" with people in this field my "objectivity" had only hardened because I had seen first hand how many people think and jump to conclusions using assumptions and preconceptions, it is not really hard to see how many myths in this field had been created and nurtured, the "cloaking" myth just one of the many, the use of night vision monoculars for atmospheric observations alone as a "effective" tool is another myth, etc. But only by having a critical way of thinking you will be able to see some "signal" on the very loud and pervasive "noise".

Jeremy Thomas The "goal" when observing day or night, Rob Freeman should be first detecting the objects of interest and second getting as many structure details as possible. This "simple" fact "dictate" the type of instruments to use to make these observations:

1- In daylight using a dual optical system, a spotter in IR for detection and a "resolver" of high optical magnification, estimations suggest a 150x optical magnification for the resolver.

2- In nighttime again a dual system: A spotter using relatively low optical magnification and image intensifier and a "resolver" of around 150x optical magnification with "high" aperture to maximize the collecting of light and image intensifier. This kind of system will be heavy and likely have to be all motorized.

The technology to do this is already here, dual optical systems for daylight observations had been used for some years now, but a dual optical system fully capable of nighttime observations nobody as far as I know had used regularly.

Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy, I appreciate all of this .. I'm one of those guys who has to experience everything for myself & won't believe something or anything, unless I experience it for myself, which includes both failure as well as success. My mom used to call me "a doubting Thomas", LOL, because I wanted to see proof on everything. 

I'm a bit of a lone wolf, as many I think are, who are in this group. Even though what I saw as a kid of 12 in the sky was at night, I'm spending as much time, but really more, observing during the day, and will also put the effort & expense into the type of equipment needed to effectively see & document everything that is available to be seen, over time. 

I'm coming at all of this with an open mind & will no doubt trip & fall from time to time, as we all will, but I have to believe, with guys like you (much appreciated) & others critiquing everything I do, I will get to the truth. I don't mind that & always look forward to everything you & others have say, because it moves me along my path faster. I always believe cream always rises to the top, and so does the truth (eventually). 

As I get more into this, I'll likely be a target like you, but I don't really care, as I'm doing all of this to get answers for myself, not to try to convince anyone of anything. We'll certainly share everything we find, but I'm not worried whether they believe me or not .. the fun is in the exploring & the discovering. 

I know that there is a slight difference between you & I over night time stuff, but I often wonder if you saw what I did as a kid of 12, would you be thinking slightly, but not too much, differently today? So I ask you the question directly .. have you ever seen something dramatic in the sky at night, where there is no question that it is something either very secret advanced, that we (military/government) have, or is possibly ET?

Rob Freeman Jeremy, just read your info on daytime / nighttime spotting .. we're both typing at the same time :-) Thanks for this .. I'm working to have both day & night setups as effective as possible, and will get there over time. Much appreciated!

Rob Freeman Jeremy .. I had attached this 300mm SONY lens to my IR Samsung SCB-2000, only to be disappointed that it will not work .. correct me if I'm wrong, but the new lenses need a power source & have to "interact" with a "smart" camera .. is that correct? I wanted to use it as an IR spotter. And if it worked, was going to try my 600mm SONY lens also.

Jeremy Thomas Flarings in "response" to "signals" is the more "dramatic" thing that I ever seen day or night, ETs is really something far removed from my views, what I had seen and watched from others do not point to the cartoon Flash Gordon ideas of Ufologists and Hollywood, it is something else or different, it is deeply connected to "reality" and the way that we perceive it.

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