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Friday, October 27, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- Some brief but important considerations

Jeremy Thomas

28 mins

Some people may think that these posts about the philosophy of Science are "disconnected" from the more concrete Plasmoid Anomalies observations that we had been doing for a while now, but that is really not the case.

Part of the "process" of these observations is the reporting of this new extraordinary reality to other people with scientific curiosity and that necessarily lead to interactions with all kind of mindsets, trying to make sense of the reactions that we had found had lead us to wider our knowledge of the history of Science and the philosophy of Science.

These posts are a direct result of this analysis and the goal is twofold: 

 - One is to point out the intrinsic limitations of the pervasive dogmatism and simplistic debunking pervading scientific practice and academia 

 - Second use these valid studies as openings to present to academic circles aspects of the reality of Plasmoid Anomalies in a "language" and approach that they may understand.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- Decreasing telescope internal turbulence in daylight.

September 27 at 8:02pm

Decreasing telescope internal turbulence in daylight.

Jeremy Thomas September 27 at 1:42pm -- A BRIEF CONSIDERATION

Jeremy Thomas
September 27 at 1:42pm

One of the biggest problems with the UFO topic is that it is confined almost exclusively to places where clueless believers gather, and that is a natural outcome of any cult-like ideas, the UFO topic is despised in mainstream science groups and with very good reasons, it is really not hard to despise it after dealing with UFO believers for a short while.

But indirectly I had been posting ideas around the reality of Plasmoid anomalies is several mainstream science oriented groups, building a foundation that had allowed to introduce Plasmoid anomalies in a natural way, disconnected from the toxic UFO topic and it is working so far.

The idiotic UFO believers had hijacked this topic but not anymore, by getting people interested in this reality without the ugly UFO contamination a more objective and clear ideas can be transmitted without the standard obfuscation and cloudiness of traditional ufology.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- Intellectual intolerance and dogmatism

May 9 at 9:19pm

Intellectual intolerance and dogmatism 

is as good today as it was 400 years ago.

Four hundred years ago that intellectual intolerance and dogmatism goals was to preserve the Catholic Church dogmas and worldviews but today that intellectual intolerance and dogmatism goals are to keep intact Official Science dogmas and worldviews.

And as a matter of fact modern suppression methods are far superior to what was available to the Catholic Church in terms of influencing tools and reach.

Jeremy Thomas May 8 +11 at 2:21pm -- Anomaly with autonomous flying pattern

May 11 at 2:21pm

Anomaly with autonomous flying, yesterday.

Anomaly with autonomous flying p1 05/10/17 7:19pm EST.

May 9 at 3:50pm

Autonomous Flying Patterns.

Autonomous Flying Patterns.

Jeremy Thomas May 8 at 7:35pm Traditional Ufology Myths

Jeremy Thomas

May 8 at 7:35pm

Traditional Ufology Myths

Traditional Ufology Myths.

Jeremy Thomas May 8 at 3:50pm The Myth of Extraterrestrial Activity

May 8 at 3:50pm
The Myth of Extraterrestrial Activity
The Myth of Extraterrestrial Activity.

Jeremy Thomas --May 8 - Videos of anomalies

May 8 at 3:28pm

Boomerang Anomaly HD footage:

Boomerang Anomaly p2 05/07/17 3:37pm EST.

May 8 at 2:00am

Flock of Boomerang Anomalies today.

Jeremy Thomas
May 7 at 6:39pm

Why Zero Monetizing.

Jeremy Thomas clarifying a comment from a reader.

May 5 at 4:44pm

In the video "Glowing dots worshippers"( UFO Joe commented: 

Ufo Joe 

"... I'm not after fame or money like some of you in here. I prefer to work for my money.

My reply:

This is a free Ads channel with zero monetizing, we will never take a cent from anybody to make these studies because that automatically will compromise our objectivity. 
Doing the right things in this area: meaning being strictly objective and rejecting unsupported claims is unpopular and that is exactly what we do, so we are doing all the wrong things to be "famous" in this context but actions speak louder than words.
This very video "Glowing dots worshippers" is a debunking of all people providing footage with only glowing dots and making all kind of unsupported claims and by doing that they are enablers of the UFO Scam essentially not different from the popular UFO channels that nurture and exploit the UFO cult with all kind of garbage
You should watch the video: Enablers of the UFO Scam/lies:

Jeremy Thomas May 5 at 4:31pm The best Infrared spotting setups

May 5 at 4:31pm

The best Infrared spotting setups 

Experience shows that the best IR setups are the ones where you have full control of the zooming lens: zoom, focus and iris opening, lens with automatic iris suffer exactly the same shortcomings that cameras with automatic focus: the results are not optimal for tracking small objects in the atmosphere with all kind of different objects and lighting conditions in the field of view.

Experience also shows that in these manual lens the iris opening should be kept to a minimum allowing very little light to reach the camera sensor, in that way contrast and "depth of focus" are increased: more range for objects to be in focus and that is critical for detection.

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