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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- Intellectual intolerance and dogmatism

May 9 at 9:19pm

Intellectual intolerance and dogmatism 

is as good today as it was 400 years ago.

Four hundred years ago that intellectual intolerance and dogmatism goals was to preserve the Catholic Church dogmas and worldviews but today that intellectual intolerance and dogmatism goals are to keep intact Official Science dogmas and worldviews.

And as a matter of fact modern suppression methods are far superior to what was available to the Catholic Church in terms of influencing tools and reach.

Jeremy Thomas May 8 +11 at 2:21pm -- Anomaly with autonomous flying pattern

May 11 at 2:21pm

Anomaly with autonomous flying, yesterday.

Anomaly with autonomous flying p1 05/10/17 7:19pm EST.

May 9 at 3:50pm

Autonomous Flying Patterns.

Autonomous Flying Patterns.

Jeremy Thomas May 8 at 7:35pm Traditional Ufology Myths

Jeremy Thomas

May 8 at 7:35pm

Traditional Ufology Myths

Traditional Ufology Myths.

Jeremy Thomas May 8 at 3:50pm The Myth of Extraterrestrial Activity

May 8 at 3:50pm
The Myth of Extraterrestrial Activity
The Myth of Extraterrestrial Activity.

Jeremy Thomas --May 8 - Videos of anomalies

May 8 at 3:28pm

Boomerang Anomaly HD footage:

Boomerang Anomaly p2 05/07/17 3:37pm EST.

May 8 at 2:00am

Flock of Boomerang Anomalies today.

Jeremy Thomas
May 7 at 6:39pm

Why Zero Monetizing.

Jeremy Thomas clarifying a comment from a reader.

May 5 at 4:44pm

In the video "Glowing dots worshippers"( UFO Joe commented: 

Ufo Joe 

"... I'm not after fame or money like some of you in here. I prefer to work for my money.

My reply:

This is a free Ads channel with zero monetizing, we will never take a cent from anybody to make these studies because that automatically will compromise our objectivity. 
Doing the right things in this area: meaning being strictly objective and rejecting unsupported claims is unpopular and that is exactly what we do, so we are doing all the wrong things to be "famous" in this context but actions speak louder than words.
This very video "Glowing dots worshippers" is a debunking of all people providing footage with only glowing dots and making all kind of unsupported claims and by doing that they are enablers of the UFO Scam essentially not different from the popular UFO channels that nurture and exploit the UFO cult with all kind of garbage
You should watch the video: Enablers of the UFO Scam/lies:

Jeremy Thomas May 5 at 4:31pm The best Infrared spotting setups

May 5 at 4:31pm

The best Infrared spotting setups 

Experience shows that the best IR setups are the ones where you have full control of the zooming lens: zoom, focus and iris opening, lens with automatic iris suffer exactly the same shortcomings that cameras with automatic focus: the results are not optimal for tracking small objects in the atmosphere with all kind of different objects and lighting conditions in the field of view.

Experience also shows that in these manual lens the iris opening should be kept to a minimum allowing very little light to reach the camera sensor, in that way contrast and "depth of focus" are increased: more range for objects to be in focus and that is critical for detection.

Jeremy Thomas May 5 at 2:07pm Anomaly responded/reacted to light signals multiple times.

May 5 at 2:07pm

Anomaly responded/reacted to light signals multiple times.

May 5 at 1:50pm

Laminar anomaly moving through clouds, IR tracking footage.

Laminar anomaly IR tracking inside clouds p2 05/04/17 1:16pm EST.

Jeremy Thomas May 5 at 2:19am The very effective use of adaptive camouflage

May 5 at 2:19am

The very effective use of adaptive camouflage by anomalies against humans shows clearly that humans can be easily defeated by any "entity" or living being that had mastered the use of adaptive camouflage, also this shows the potential use of similar techniques for surveillance and cover operations.

Humans appear to be intrinsically vulnerable to adaptive camouflage as their perceptive capacity tends to use similarity as replacement for identity.

Jeremy Thomas May 4 at 3:55pm Entertainment value versus information value

May 4 at 3:55pm

Entertainment value versus information value

Many times people use the views count on a given video as a measure of how "good" the video is but it should be obvious that many factors can be involved in that video views count.

But many times that views count is a reflection of the "entertainment value" of the given video.

In this context many fake or hoax videos have very high views count and mainly that is due to the fact that many people find such videos very entertaining and amusing, people producing these videos have a very good understanding of their target expectations and they know how to exploit these expectations, these people are filling an existing "need".

Now many times videos or content with very high information content receive "poor" attention because they do not have great entertainment value, many subjects and analysis require efforts on the people trying to learn it and not many people are willing to make that effort.

For example Mathematics is at the root of any modern technology, from GPS, internet, satellites,cell phones, etc. but Mathematics is not a very popular subject matter in general because it usually requires mental effort and concentration that depart from any popular entertainment value.

Real knowledge always requires effort and dedication that is why the more advanced that a given subject is the less people that will have a working knowledge of the given subject.

Real advanced knowledge in any given subject always had been and always will be elitist and the exclusive domain of very few that find the given subject amazing and entertaining.

Jeremy Thomas May 43 + 4 -- 4 videos showing anomalies

May 4 at 8:19pm

Laminar anomaly today 1:16pm.

May 4 at 2:49pm

Flaring pentagram, yesterday 7:45pm.

May 4 at 2:24pm

Visual references: Jupiter and its moons 05/03/17 7:59pm EST.

May 3 at 8:21pm

Jeremy Thomas May 3 at 3:54pm The UFO entertainment.

May 3 at 3:54pm

The UFO entertainment

For many people any UFO site or channel is a source of entertainment not different than watching any other source of entertainment and almost any UFO channel format is designed as an entertainment channel.

And as in any entertainment provider pleasing people's expectations is on the top of the priority list and that automatically kills any pretenses of objectivity.

Jacques Vallee quoting an interview with Steven Spielberg:

"Vallee: When I met Stephen Spielberg, I argued with him that the subject was even more interesting if it wasn't extraterrestrials. If it was real, physical, but not ET. So he said, "You're probably right, but that's not what the public is expecting--this is Hollywood and I want to give people something that's close to what they expect." "

And exactly Spielberg's thinking had been the thinking of traditional Ufologists and the many people providing UFO entertainment and that is one of the reasons why nobody can take Ufology seriously.

trevor james constable