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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jeremy Thomas September 27 at 1:42pm -- A BRIEF CONSIDERATION

Jeremy Thomas
September 27 at 1:42pm

One of the biggest problems with the UFO topic is that it is confined almost exclusively to places where clueless believers gather, and that is a natural outcome of any cult-like ideas, the UFO topic is despised in mainstream science groups and with very good reasons, it is really not hard to despise it after dealing with UFO believers for a short while.

But indirectly I had been posting ideas around the reality of Plasmoid anomalies is several mainstream science oriented groups, building a foundation that had allowed to introduce Plasmoid anomalies in a natural way, disconnected from the toxic UFO topic and it is working so far.

The idiotic UFO believers had hijacked this topic but not anymore, by getting people interested in this reality without the ugly UFO contamination a more objective and clear ideas can be transmitted without the standard obfuscation and cloudiness of traditional ufology.

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