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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jeremy Thomas April 22 at 11:52am Anomalies and Quantum Mechanics.

April 22 at 11:52am

Anomalies and Quantum Mechanics. 

Many people had been exposed to the wonderful ideas of Quantum Mechanics: the physics of the micro-world. 

Beyond a certain scale in that micro-world things are far from the "reality" that we perceive in the "classic" macro world. 

At that lower scale for example our two valued logic: that a given statement can only have a true or false truth value does not apply anymore: things can be true, or false and also "anything in between", the truth value of things could be a "probability" value ranging from 0 to 1, "0" for certainly false, "1" for certainly true but any real value between 0 and 1 as a probability of that truth value. 

This lead to very "weird" occurrences as for example a particle on a side of a "barrier" always will have a non zero probability of being at the other side of the barrier; "tunneling" spontaneously through it, the so called tunneling effect on Quantum Mechanics that have multiple practical applications in semiconductors. 

But what many people do not know is that quantum mechanical effects can manifest at the macroscopic level: superfluity and superconducting are two known quantum phenomenon at the macroscopic level. 

For example you can have a superconducting ring where all electric current flowing through that ring is moving in one direction AND also is moving in the opposite direction simultaneously, that will be a "contradiction" for a classically educated engineer and a cause of cognitive dissonance. 

This basic macroscopic quantum effect is used in the quantum computers being manufactured by D-Wave systems today for example. 

If a physical phenomena can be reproduced in laboratory conditions then it is natural to consider that similar occurrences can happen in nature, or even more: that it could exist phenomena that are directly or indirectly the result of quantum effects at the macroscopic level, phenomena where our classical two valued logic does not apply by being too narrow. 

And obviously the phenomena that we have in mind are Anomalies. 

If some Anomalies are plasma based lifeforms then their mastering of quantum physics is at their very being and the exploitation of macroscopic quantum effects by them will be just "natural". Superfluity and superconducting will be just two known phenomena that we know that they can use, but do we know all quantum macroscopic effects?
Obviously no.


April 23 at 2:22pm

Dogmatism Intrinsic Limitations.

April 22 at 2:14pm

April 21 at 8:16pm

The perceptive dysfunctionality known as the LLK Syndrome.

The LLK Syndrome.

Franny Hudson Yesterday at 10:01am: A cluster dropping secondary objects


                                                             Youtube channel   
Franny Hudson

Here's one to laugh at UFO proof posted this night time footage of an anomaly most likely a cluster dropping secondary objects.

Franny Hudson April 21 at 7:27pm: Mimic octopus - Wikipedia


                                                             Youtube channel   
Franny Hudson

April 21 at 7:27pm

Go down to bibliography there's a few people there that might be worth while trying to get an email address for.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Franny Hudson April 21 at 4:10pm Some of the plasma like anomalies I have recorded


                                                             Youtube channel   

April 21 at 4:10pm

Here's some of the plasma like anomalies I have recorded over the years.

Jeremy Thomas April 21 at 3:31pm Footage including IR tracking segment

April 21 at 3:31pm

Footage including IR tracking segment:

Jeremy Thomas April 21 at 9:10am Amazing Anomaly p1

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jeremy Thomas April 20 at 5:16pm EN + PT -- The intrinsic limitations of a dogmatic mindset

April 20 at 5:16pm

EN -- The intrinsic limitations of a dogmatic mindset. 

Dogmatic mindsets in Science are intrinsically limited for a very simple reason: people exposing a dogmatic approach in Science usually gives priority to accepted dogmas over Reality and by Reality we mean consistent observational data coming from multiple independent observers. 

Dogmatic approaches are unable to go beyond their self imposed rigid restrictions, they are unable to make "connections" beyond the obvious ones given to them by the established dogmatic framework that they accept. 

Since these people are unable to make connections beyond the existing boundaries they are unable to make new discoveries or even accept new ones since that will alter the rigid framework that they cherish. 

For example even in a very "rigid" and formal setting as Mathematics that is the intrinsic incarnation of the Platonic Universe dogmatic approaches had failed miserably. 

The dogmatic approach in Mathematics was unable to discover non Euclidean Geometries for thousands of years only very fresh approaches to the "parallel problem" in Euclidean Geometry were able to discern the "independent" character of some axioms respect to others and this indirectly opened the door to all new developments in formalization in the 20th century that lead to computers. 

But what many of these dogmatic individuals really do not know or had not internalized is this development in formalization lead to the Godel's Incompleteness Theorems around the 1930's. 

These incompleteness theorems are actually a mortal blow to dogmatism because essentially they imply that any sufficiently complex mathematical model is intrinsically "incomplete": there are going to be always some claims that can be made inside that model that will be "undecidable"; meaning that the truth value of these claims can not be derived from the given model. In any such model "anomalies" or "emergent" properties always will be found. 

And this result is a nightmare for Dogmatism and anybody that had dreamed about an "Elegant Universe" and the History of Science is just an indirect confirmation of that philosophical conclusion: Reality is intrinsically complex and our search for knowledge and understanding is a never ending process, Dogmatism is intrinsically flawed.

PT -- As limitações intrínsecas de uma mentalidade dogmática.

As mentalidades dogmáticas na Ciência são intrinsecamente limitadas por uma razão muito simples: as pessoas que expõem uma abordagem dogmática da Ciência, geralmente dão prioridade aos dogmas aceites sobre a Realidade e por Realidade referimo-nos a dados observacionais consistentes, provenientes de múltiplos observadores independentes.

As abordagens dogmáticas são incapazes de ir além das  rígidas restrições auto impostas, elas são incapazes de fazer "ligações/conexões" além das evidentes que lhes são dadas pela estrutura dogmática estabelecida, que eles aceitam.

Uma vez que essas pessoas são incapazes de fazer ligações/conexões para além dos limites existentes, elas são incapazes de fazer ou aceitar novas descobertas, pois que vai alterar a estrutura rígida que essas mesmas pessoas valorizam.

Por exemplo, mesmo num ambiente muito "rígido" e formal como a Matemática, que é a encarnação intrínseca do Universo Platónico, as abordagens dogmáticas falharam miseravelmente.

A abordagem dogmática em Matemática, foi incapaz de descobrir Geometrias não Euclidianas durante milhares de anos;  apenas as abordagens muito recentes ao "problema paralelo" na Geometria Euclidiana foram capazes de discernir o caráter "independente" de alguns axiomas a respeito de outros e isso, indirectamente, abriu a porta para todas as descobertas novas, sobre a formalização no século 20, que conduziram aos computadores.

Mas o que muitos desses indivíduos dogmáticos realmente não sabem ou não interiorizaram, é que esse desenvolvimento na formalização conduziu aos Teoremas da Incompletude de Gõdel  na década de 1930.

Esses teoremas de incompletude são, na verdade, um golpe mortal no dogmatismo, porque essencialmente implicam que qualquer modelo matemático suficientemente complexo é intrinsecamente "incompleto": haverá sempre algumas alegações que podem ser feitas dentro desse modelo que serão "indecidíveis"; significando que o valor de verdade destas reivindicações não pode ser derivado do modelo dado. Em qualquer desses modelos, serão sempre encontradas "anomalias" ou propriedades "emergentes".

E esse resultado é um pesadelo para o Dogmatismo e qualquer pessoa que tivesse sonhado com um "Universo Elegante" e a História da Ciência é apenas uma confirmação indirecta dessa conclusão filosófica: A realidade é intrinsecamente complexa e a nossa busca de conhecimento e compreensão é um processo sem fim. O Dogmatismo está intrinsecamente deteriorado.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jeremy Thomas April 19 at 5:37pm Glowing Pentagram splitting in two p1

April 19 at 5:37pm

Glowing Pentagram splitting in two p1 04/18/17 6:28pm EST.

Jeremy Thomas April 19 at 4:42pm Science Types Dogmatism

April 19 at 4:42pm

Science Types Dogmatism.

Going to any kind of Science related forum or group online trying to explain the reality of Anomalies is really a great experience, sometimes comparable to the knowledge that we had gained about Anomalies.

These people reactions are essentially not different from the reactions coming from UFO/ET believers and that should be expected as both groups had been "educated" in the same schools, college and universities.

But what stand apart on Science types is their "militant" dogmatism that many times become ridiculous. These people frequently act like programmed automatons.

A typical interchange with them may look like this:

- Observer of Anomalies(OA): The reality of anomalies is an observational claim that only can be verified by independent observations.
- Science Type(ST): Is there any test done to verify this claim?

- OA: No tests so far only observational data.
- ST: Is there any published paper about this that I can read?

- OA: No, this is relative new and we are trying to spread this knowledge.
- ST: Are you familiar with the scientific method? This is not a place for pseudoscience.

- OA: This is not pseudoscience but a basic claim that can be independently verified by anyone, even you.
- ST: Is there any test done to verify any of this? Your claims are based in being ignorant of the scientific method, this is a graphics showing the process that you must follow in the scientific method....

At that point you know that there is nothing that you can say that will change their programmed dogmatic approach, they simply are doomed using that approach and the reality of Anomalies is the perfect and ongoing fact showing the intrinsic failure of their methods.

Jeremy Thomas
April 19 at 6:26pm
Science Types Dogmatism.

Jeremy Thomas April 19 at 4:02pm Glowing pentagram splitting in two and parts continue to move autonomously

April 19 at 4:02pm
Glowing pentagram splitting in two and parts continue to move autonomously, yesterday 6:28pm.
Image may contain: sky and cloud

Image may contain: sky and cloud

Image may contain: sky

Jay Lee April 19 at 2:59pm LAPD Helicopter investigates an ORB

Jay Lee

April 19 at 2:59pm

LAPD Helicopter investigates an ORB

Jeremy Thomas April 19 at 12:54am The real and Inelegant Reality

April 19 at 12:54am

The real and Inelegant Reality versus the Official Science simplistic and unreal Elegant Universe.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Franny Hudson April 18 at 5:22pm -- Anomalies On The Mountain!


                                                             Youtube channel   
Franny Hudson

April 18 at 5:22pm

here's the footage from AI IA edited

Anomalies On The Mountain! Not a Care In The World.

Jeremy Thomas April 18 at 4:10pm Two glued objects Anomaly

April 18 at 4:10pm

Two glued objects Anomaly with zero tumbling and zero turning.

Jeremy Thomas April 18 at 3:38pm -- Flaring pin shaped anomaly with some transformation

April 18 at 3:38pm

Flaring pin shaped anomaly with some transformation:

trevor james constable