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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jeremy Thomas April 7 at 11:58am Debunkers

April 7 at 11:58am


"Debunker" in this field always had been a codeword for talking-only-people, almost exactly as ufologist, these people as a rule have zero or close to zero observational experience using optical equipment with high magnification, without that observational experience they had not been exposed to the very weird world of anomalies. 

And this experience is critical as the Lavoisier case clearly shows: you can be a renowned scientist in a given field but that do not make you an expert in another field where you lack experience; Lavoisier denied the reality of meteorites simply because he went beyond his area of expertise and experiences and made claims based on preconceptions and beliefs exactly as any debunker had done in this field. 

So the only valid assessments in this field can be done by the people with real experience observing anomalies using optical equipment with high magnification anybody else are just (or worst ) like Lavoisier making assessments about meteorites and Lavoisier actively denied the reality of meteorites.

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