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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Jeremy Thomas April 6 at 9:55pm The best captures

April 6 at 9:55pm

The best captures 

When you are looking for insights and knowledge the best captures are not the ones with lots of "brightness and colors", whoever uses that criteria is really very superficial and not really looking for information. 

In this area where we had claimed that anomalies mimic normal looking objects the best way to show that fact is actually documenting anomalies transforming from something else to a balloon for example or in reverse from a balloon to something else. 

When people see that kind of transformations is very clear what is happening, seeing only the end points of the transformations never is the same as observing the transformations. 

The same for clearly morphing anomalies as no mundane object exhibit shape shifting. 

For any object that looks like a balloon and behave like a balloon no amount of argument can dispels the doubts about the object being a balloon, that is why so many debunkers use that cheap shot all the time. 

But when clear transformations are present debunkers are always mute as many other people that continue to bring out the hardened mimics when there is already plenty of documented observations showing transformations. 

Observations showing transformations always provide more "information content" and insights, people looking for knowledge should always seek these ones.

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