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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jeremy Thomas April 19 at 4:42pm Science Types Dogmatism

April 19 at 4:42pm

Science Types Dogmatism.

Going to any kind of Science related forum or group online trying to explain the reality of Anomalies is really a great experience, sometimes comparable to the knowledge that we had gained about Anomalies.

These people reactions are essentially not different from the reactions coming from UFO/ET believers and that should be expected as both groups had been "educated" in the same schools, college and universities.

But what stand apart on Science types is their "militant" dogmatism that many times become ridiculous. These people frequently act like programmed automatons.

A typical interchange with them may look like this:

- Observer of Anomalies(OA): The reality of anomalies is an observational claim that only can be verified by independent observations.
- Science Type(ST): Is there any test done to verify this claim?

- OA: No tests so far only observational data.
- ST: Is there any published paper about this that I can read?

- OA: No, this is relative new and we are trying to spread this knowledge.
- ST: Are you familiar with the scientific method? This is not a place for pseudoscience.

- OA: This is not pseudoscience but a basic claim that can be independently verified by anyone, even you.
- ST: Is there any test done to verify any of this? Your claims are based in being ignorant of the scientific method, this is a graphics showing the process that you must follow in the scientific method....

At that point you know that there is nothing that you can say that will change their programmed dogmatic approach, they simply are doomed using that approach and the reality of Anomalies is the perfect and ongoing fact showing the intrinsic failure of their methods.

Jeremy Thomas
April 19 at 6:26pm
Science Types Dogmatism.

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