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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- March 31 at 8:13pm: A winning Strategy

March 31 at 8:13pm

A winning Strategy. 
It is very well known that anybody that want to advance fast to the "cutting-edge" or forefront of any field of human activity the sure winning strategy is to learn the best practices from the "best" in the given field, and the best in any given field are almost always the people getting the better results and results that few other if any had obtained. 

I always try to look at what the people getting results are doing, looking at people that are far behind will seldom provide any inside that will get you ahead. 

I had mentioned before that I learned of the effectiveness of infrared spotting by looking at the captures of YouTube user colorsufo even when his interpretation was wrong, but what count are the results, and I learned of the effectiveness of high magnification by looking at Urzi captures. The combination of the two is a dual optical system that is a lot more effective that any of its single elements. 

By "picking" the brain of the "best" you can reach their level and many times surpass them, that always is a winning strategy.
Jeremy Thomas But as it happens many people are unable to identity who really are the ones getting the "best" and more meaningful results, there is nothing that you can do for that kind of people.
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Jeremy Thomas Another good strategy is "competing" against yourself, like a chess player playing against himself: by using different methods and comparing results with previous methods to see if there is any improvement, that always will lead to the fine tuning of your methods.

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