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Friday, October 27, 2017

Jeremy Thomas -- Some brief but important considerations

Jeremy Thomas

28 mins

Some people may think that these posts about the philosophy of Science are "disconnected" from the more concrete Plasmoid Anomalies observations that we had been doing for a while now, but that is really not the case.

Part of the "process" of these observations is the reporting of this new extraordinary reality to other people with scientific curiosity and that necessarily lead to interactions with all kind of mindsets, trying to make sense of the reactions that we had found had lead us to wider our knowledge of the history of Science and the philosophy of Science.

These posts are a direct result of this analysis and the goal is twofold: 

 - One is to point out the intrinsic limitations of the pervasive dogmatism and simplistic debunking pervading scientific practice and academia 

 - Second use these valid studies as openings to present to academic circles aspects of the reality of Plasmoid Anomalies in a "language" and approach that they may understand.

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