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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jeremy Thomas clarifying a comment from a reader.

May 5 at 4:44pm

In the video "Glowing dots worshippers"( UFO Joe commented: 

Ufo Joe 

"... I'm not after fame or money like some of you in here. I prefer to work for my money.

My reply:

This is a free Ads channel with zero monetizing, we will never take a cent from anybody to make these studies because that automatically will compromise our objectivity. 
Doing the right things in this area: meaning being strictly objective and rejecting unsupported claims is unpopular and that is exactly what we do, so we are doing all the wrong things to be "famous" in this context but actions speak louder than words.
This very video "Glowing dots worshippers" is a debunking of all people providing footage with only glowing dots and making all kind of unsupported claims and by doing that they are enablers of the UFO Scam essentially not different from the popular UFO channels that nurture and exploit the UFO cult with all kind of garbage
You should watch the video: Enablers of the UFO Scam/lies:

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