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Sunday, May 14, 2017

JEREMY THOMAS --- The Lavoisier-Lord-Kelvin syndrome

Jeremy Thomas

April 27 at 6:42pm
When you know that you are right with plenty of solid evidence supporting your claims you can stand alone against the empty talk or disdain coming from the high priests of Science or the clueless "analysis" of traditional ufologists/debunkers and the even beyond clueless UFO/ET believers, these people usually need "social support" to feel safe and certain but when you are right you do not need anything else.
April 27 at 3:59pm
Morphing Anomaly, today's scientific and academic elite is plagued with perceive dysfunction: The Lavoisier-Lord-Kelvin syndrome:
Morphing Anomaly 01/29/15 4:36pm EST.

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