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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Franny Hudson May 2, 3, 4 -- Anomalies' videos


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Franny Hudson

May 4 at 7:54pm

here's the variable anomaly I have seen today.
Variable Anomaly (Bag Shaped) Odd Flight Path
Franny Hudson
May 4 at 7:04pm

This person recorded a variable anomaly (bag shaped) with a laminar object passing at 0.14 seconds.

May 4 at 9:38am
UFO WATCHER caught this anomalous object

seems to have zero tumbling with a large payload at the bottom.

Franny Hudson
May 3 at 5:51pm 
This person commented on my footage saying balloons! here's his comment go check out what he said Jeremy Thomas. Then go on the link and read about his beliefs he's a big admirer of Trevor J Constable and using IR footage. His short footage and some pictures are clearly balloon anomalies recorded in IR. This person commented on my footage saying balloons! here's his comment...

May 2 at 5:51pm
Seen this flaring neck anomaly this morning. Also there was a dual balloon anomaly that appeared next to a contrail! I could record the object and it moved very fast towards another contrail for me to record. Very cool but it wasn't a good morph to defend unfortunately.

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