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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Jeremy Thomas May 4 at 3:55pm Entertainment value versus information value

May 4 at 3:55pm

Entertainment value versus information value

Many times people use the views count on a given video as a measure of how "good" the video is but it should be obvious that many factors can be involved in that video views count.

But many times that views count is a reflection of the "entertainment value" of the given video.

In this context many fake or hoax videos have very high views count and mainly that is due to the fact that many people find such videos very entertaining and amusing, people producing these videos have a very good understanding of their target expectations and they know how to exploit these expectations, these people are filling an existing "need".

Now many times videos or content with very high information content receive "poor" attention because they do not have great entertainment value, many subjects and analysis require efforts on the people trying to learn it and not many people are willing to make that effort.

For example Mathematics is at the root of any modern technology, from GPS, internet, satellites,cell phones, etc. but Mathematics is not a very popular subject matter in general because it usually requires mental effort and concentration that depart from any popular entertainment value.

Real knowledge always requires effort and dedication that is why the more advanced that a given subject is the less people that will have a working knowledge of the given subject.

Real advanced knowledge in any given subject always had been and always will be elitist and the exclusive domain of very few that find the given subject amazing and entertaining.


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