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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Franny Hudson May 5, 6 -- Anomalies' videos


                                                             Youtube channel   
Franny Hudson

May 6 at 7:24pm
Found a new channel documenting anomalies

May 6 at 1:32pm
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May 6 at 1:32pm side by side footage of my footage and Jeremy Thomas capture! Hope you don't mind Jeremy I give credit to your video in the description as well.
Wing Shaped Anomaly VS Wing Shaped Anomaly HD

May 6 at 1:06pm

Found this channel that has recorded a few anomalies over the years.
UFO 5 3 2017
May 5 at 9:25pm 

very similar to your capture Jeremy Thomas of the no tumbling bird anomaly amazing.

May 5 at 7:28pm

Today's observations plenty of variables! there was some low ones that I never posted on the footage. Windy again today so very slow going but at the end of the day it became more active.
Anomaly Observations 05/05/17 HD

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