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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Jeremy Thomas August 14 at 9:42pm -- The "peace of mind" provided by being consistent

The "peace of mind" provided by being consistent

Once YouTube user theInterzone( mentioned to me that he stopped posting balloon shaped anomalies because he was losing subscribers each time that he posted any video depicting that kind of anomalies. I asked him: how the people that we are trying to inform can determine what we post or not?

By posting consistently what is observed disregarding the unavoidable reactions coming from uninformed people you create an audience that will be better prepared for your future postings, usually uninformed or bad intentioned people will not be persistent enough and will give up their hate campaigns, but the "consistent" approach should persist.

Obviously we are fighting against a huge machinery of disinformation that is coming from everywhere, but by being consistent we present an uniformed approach that will contrast against all garbage that is coming from the traditional sources and slowly but surely some changes are already visible today that were not seen two years ago.

Anomalies as a "description" form for UFO manifestations is being used today a lot more than two years ago, the "nuts and bolts" pervasive approach is losing "market share" and for crystal clear reasons and this tendency will only increase by the fact that better instruments will always be more accessible and that will make possible better evidence and that evidence will provide what we had been documenting: Anomalies.

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