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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jeremy Thomas September 1 at 1:49pm : We had come full circle.

We had come full circle.

We had mentioned before as the media had created a trap for itself in the "traditional Ufology" field and that get reaffirmed over and over again.

Anybody producing any kind of media targeted to the so called "UFO community" will be forced to satisfy the very well known beliefs and expectations of that community, it is a very clear unwritten script.

Believers had been hiding behind blurry or incomplete footage, many times behind personal accounts only, they had been doing that now for more than 60 years. But that is really not surprising remembering that other religions had been doing similar things for thousands of years.

Beliefs will always takes precedence over any kind of "evidence", still we have people thinking in a flat earth or that the moon is fake, etc. and in not a small number members of that "UFO community" overlap the mentioned groups.

We had seen how some people had been shunned: Anthony Woods, ever2020(that returned), Trevor J. Constable after publishing his first book: They live in the sky; and we had seen many times their attacks against people posting balloon like anomalies in a conscious or unconscious goal of silencing their voices and real observations. The Social Inquisition at play.

Only clear and consistent evidence can truly provide answers and anybody with a minimal of objective outlook to reality must be prepared to accept the reality of whatever that evidence support.

But it should be clear the tendency coming from the believers camp and their enablers: disregard or belittle clear evidence that may contradict their preconceptions and over-highlight or hype any kind of accounts supporting their beliefs.

I say to them: bring clear and consistent evidence of your claims and we'll accept it. Personally I am not tied to any group or idea only to objectivity, but believers so far had shown precisely only lack of objectivity.

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