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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jeremy Thomas September 1 at 10:40pm: An extraordinary fact.

An extraordinary fact.
By the contributions of many active observers of anomalies including members of this group we can claim:
Today what is beeing observed consistently around the world are anomalous manifestations that many times, but not always take mimic forms, the reality of that is supported by an overwhelming amount of evidence that is objective and repeatable.
This claim alone is of EXTRAORDINARY significance. For nothing else we can make such a claim and that is my point. Beyond that my objective outlook to any problem does not allow me to claim the reality or not of anything else.

But that extraordinary claim can be subjected today to the most exigent scientific scrutiny and will be validated, we can not say the same for anything else, but again that is unprecedented and many active observers of anomalies had made that possible. The "real nature" of these manifestations is secondary to their reality.

Jeremy Thomas Divide and conquer: It is always better and simpler to find a "solution" for "small problems" than solutions for big and complicated problems. The verifiable reality of anomalies offer an "opening" to start attacking more complex questions.

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