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Monday, September 26, 2016

Jeremy Thomas -- The genesis of a "hot spot".

The genesis of a "hot spot".

It should be clear from the available observational data that in almost any location in our planet Anomalies can be observed, but they only can be "observed" if there is at least one "observer" making and reporting these observations.

Traditional Ufology and the UFO-business had promoted the idea of "hot spots"; but these locations are simply over highlighted locations that "social promotion" elevated to "hot spots" and that social promotion makes the presence of more observers at these locations more likely hence the likelihood of anomalies sightings greater in these locations: a self fulfilling prophecy.

But if that is done at any location with some clear skies the same will be observed. We know that LA is a "hot spot", Liverpool too, Milan, Buenos Aires, etc. The presence of active observers had made these cities "hot spots".

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