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Saturday, November 19, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- The Reality Bubble

The Reality Bubble
It should be clear that any single person lives in his/her own "reality bubble": This reality bubble is the set of events/ideas that any given person's perception filter and beliefs will allow as "valid". It also should be clear that this reality bubble is fluid: some people learn new things and make new connections, their reality bubble will be dynamic. But others get restricted by beliefs and will be unable to expand their reality bubble with anything contradicting these beliefs.
We had seen already multiple times how preconceptions and beliefs will "limit" and act as a filter for this "reality bubble".
That is why "facts" never are unbiased: what is a fact for somebody will not be a fact for somebody else, two "reality bubbles" are seldom identical.
We had seen also multiple times how glowing dots at night had been considered crafts or fleets or how anomalies manifestations are being ignored by the hardcore nuts and bolts fanatic UFO/ET believers and Traditional Ufologists; their "reality bubble" do not allow things contradicting it, in their reality bubble Anomalies do not exist.
Scientists too have their reality bubble: a carton-like reality bubble subjected to rigid dogmas; that is why even today many "cutting edge scientists" that consider themselves to be the brightest and more informed minds on this planet are ignorant of the reality of Anomalies, a reality that can be observed by anyone but them.

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