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Monday, November 28, 2016

JT -- Traditional Ufologists and their islander mindset

Traditional Ufologists and their islander mindset

By the mere presence of objects with variable geometry any particular shape in Anomalies becomes irrelevant, Traditional Ufology( Ancient Ufology as 
Solidaevidencia Archivos coined it ) had been fixated with particular shapes: discs, spheres, cigars, etc. But they usually ignored or belittled morphing anomalies and their game changing nature simply because they were limited by their nuts and bolts tincan rigid artifacts cultist ideas.
It is well known mathematically that no elastic surface without tears will change its surface "topology" as when changing from a "0" to a "5" for example, so no elastic balloon without bursting will change its surface from a "0" to a "5", but that had been clearly documented in Anomalies. The Variable Topology anomalous indicator and others strong Anomalous indicators already had been clearly stated and argued.
There is also clear footage showing a "balloon" releasing its tether and becoming a morphing Anomaly following a cycle of transformations, also morphing anomalies taking balloon shapes in their cycle of transformations.
That had been clearly documented and anybody ignoring that is doing exactly what Traditional Ufologists had been doing forever including ignoring Variable anomalies, any objective approach to this area is incompatible with any kind of "islander mentality".
But even without all of that clear evidence Variable anomalies had been observed with "extensions/tethers" and it is not hard to imagine these Variables becoming a closed surface with that extension/tether: a balloon-like object then.
More evidence will come obviously and what had already been observed will be confirmed from multiple independent observers, but always fundamentally new phenomena will appear and only a clear and open mind without preconceptions or fear of what others may think or say will be able to tackle the new manifestations objectively.

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