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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Jeremy Thomas August 9 at 11:21am

 August 9 at 11:21am

The narrow perception of UFO/ET believers

The anthropocentric vision of classical Ufology had percollated down to an army of UFO/ET believers, these people are recognized inmediately by their narrow "mechanicist" expectation.

For these "bright" people if an object is highly reflective it will be "metallic", if one object flared it just had used its "thrusters", if the object released angel hair then the object fired its "lasers", if the object ejected some secundary anomalies then it was releasing "drones", if the object was self luminous and seen at night then this object had its "lights on" and so on.

The idea of bio-luminosity or similar is beyond their imagination or something that we still had not conceived, reality had shown multiple times to be infinitely rich and our current stock of ideas or notions always will be incomplete when trying to describe reality, sometimes completely new paradigms are needed to describe some aspects of reality.

Anomalies appear to be beyond the grasp of anthropogenic interpretations or narrow nuts and bolts interpretations. That is why still today traditional Ufologists and their army of believers are stuck in the past and have their heads stuck in the sand.

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