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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jason Bales 15/11 às 3:42 -- Black anomaly.

Today...i was calm..and one with the sky...i shot several objects with an analog high 8 camera. These are perfect for my style of shooting. Tommorrow if nothing happens..Rob and I will try to vector these objects a place i use to go. I will spot with this hi 8 camera and he will have the Nikon...i will also have the canon sx50.
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Rob Freeman Jason & I went to the Douglas Dam, north of Gatlinburg, TN, Sun AM .. I spotted a black anomaly similar to what BudgetMoon posted, (also on Sunday) with the 25x spotter binoculars, but just like "the fish that got away", unfortunately didn't get it recorded (pressed the button, but apparently not hard enough) .. going to find out if his sighting occurred at the same time.

A dramatic entrance above the Manhattan skyline, spreading wings near a
crane and…

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