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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 8/11 às 16:55 -- Balloon shaped anomaly releasing its tether.

This footage shows a "normal" balloon shaped anomaly releasing its tether and then this tether becomes a "new" autonomous string anomaly as the ones spotted before, this is one more example of the bizarre world of anomalies. 
11/02/15 3:31pm:

Jeremy Thomas These kind of things that anomalies do are extremely hard to accept for UFO believers because it is far removed from what they expect, we had read here what they had said: "simply it does not make any sense", and that is true, but new things usually do not make sense, looking just into contemporary accepted scientific ideas, the concepts from Quantum Mechanics do not make any sense when compared to every day occurrences, but they had been accepted as part of the reality of the microworld. 

The same is with anomalies, they are part of reality but that behaves in a counter intuitive way.
Jeremy Thomas This is another example of anomaly and string anomaly spotted after separation on 5/11/15:

Franny Hudson Great footage Jeremy Thomas do you think that might mean when we see a balloon or another shaped anomaly. They could be multiple anomalies, together mimicking these objects.
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson hard to say, there is no enough observational data to make any valid claim in that regard. We had seen anomalies ejecting smaller ones, splitting in several parts and there is also consistent footage showing the "melting" of different anomalies. This is a new "world" that follows rules that are unknown to us for now, but again collecting direct observational data will help to unravel some of its mysteries.

Also many of the more bizarre things appear to happen beyond naked eye spotting, that is another incentive to use IR spotting.
Patrick Ryan Wow! Fascinating and bizzare. Nice work.

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