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Monday, March 28, 2016

Fausto Perez 11/11 às 6:49 -- A "flock" of anomalies.

Huge Ufo Fleet Documented at a recent L.A Ufo Channel Meetup event

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Jeremy Thomas Great capture of a "flock" of anomalies, as Franny Hudsonhad noted before, in similar cases, in closer view these objects could be balloon shaped anomalies. Thanks for sharing.
Jeremy Thomas The consistent and recurrent observational data from active observers, as some members of this group are, is "killing" that "vision" of mechanical artifacts reflected in the use of the word "fleet" in this case, that still is not taking in count the overwhelming evidence showing that the use of words like "crafts", "fleet", etc. is really outdated and very much ignoring the clear results from active observers.

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