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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 12/11 às 16:44 -- Nobody else noticed anything and it was right there at street level.

Jeremy Thomas
12/11 às 16:44
This is a personal account and it is no evidence of anything, but just a few minutes ago in my way to get some lunch I saw a "bag" floating just barely above the street, I passed below it and saw even some letters on its side, I continued watching it with the mirrors after I passed and I noticed that its movement was not really "random", I stopped and made a u-turn almost hitting another car, the "bag" was perfectly visible with naked eye and ascending.

I took a p600 that I always carry, I had perfect frame and focus, but when I tried to get stills or videos nothing happened, I forgot that I took its memory to test the other cameras. 

But I observed it for a while with the camera and binoculars that also I always have with me.
It would had been a very good documentation.

Nobody else noticed anything
and it was right there at street level.

Eric Erasmo Rendon Nice I know that feeling when you see them and you got a Camera, yet something goes wrong, Nice observation Jeremy ...
Franny Hudson Yes one thing I notice also many people will just ignore the details if it's not moving fast, then abruptly making a u turn its explainable lol. That's it at least he's willing to shed light on the subject that I admire. Hopefully in the future he will start connecting the dots everyone's at there own levels that's for sure even here at the group.

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