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Friday, March 25, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS --02:11:2015 .Rob Freeman: To me it's the most intriguing fascinating amazing journey I've been on in my whole life!

It had been a while since Rob Freeman started his "project", it will be interesting to know how his "perspective" in the phenomenon had evolved compared to previous ideas/ preconceptions. Thanks in advance.
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Rob Freeman Thanks Jeremy .. where do I start, LOL. 

This "passion" project was inspired by having 2 dramatic personal experiences as a 12 year old kid, back in 1966. 

One was a "classic craft", with a light in the bottom, and "figures" seen moving behind the light, up at 800', written up in the local paper the next day .. 2 jet fighters had been sent up from the nearby Selfridge Air Force base & it outran them at an extreme rate of speed. 

The other was 2 weeks later with hundreds of lights up in the heavens, transversing the sky from horizon to horizon in just 2 - 3 seconds, then back again 30 seconds later, all in unison, witnessed by my friend & I. 

I know the first one seem goes against what is believed in this group, but it's what I saw & was witnessed by many others & documented in the paper. Video with link to original newspaper article: 

Today, I don't know what the first sighting was .. it may have even been a government "black project", not sure. The second sighting could very well have been nighttime anomalies. 

Many people believe my friend & I inadvertently & unknowingly "called" this 2nd group, as we went up on the roof wanting to see "UFOs", with great intention, anticipation & expectation. 

Back to today .. after spending the last 9 months travelling & meeting various summoners / communicators / observers, and learning how to observe on my own, I can tell you 100% that there are sky anomalies up there. We've seen them and filmed them ourselves, first hand. I am totally fascinated by this phenomenon & MarkKelly, and I very much look forward to going to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Melbourne, Australia, to meet the groups studying them there. 

We will be traveling to other parts of the world also to check out how the phenomenon manifests there also, like Cristian's "flying rock" & Solidaevidencia's various "bags" large & small, seen in the sky in Argentina. 

My personal opinion is that there are lots of regular balloons being put up or escape from birthdays & other events every day & on weekends, but a certain percentage are actual mimics, or copies of everyday objects that might typically be up in the sky. 

We know this because there are subtle differences in the way they behave and look. They never seem to be a perfect "copy". The differences are not necessarily easy to find, and that is why I'm / we're studying how regular balloons look & operate when launched into the air, and observing anomalies whenever & wherever we can. 

And quite often, when authentic, there are "marker" orbs or objects nearby or tracking the mimic or anomaly. These markers come in all sizes & shapes also .. when magnifying the footage & photos, I've seen sphere, sheet & cube shapes. 

When there are multiple markers, I've seen them flash together or alternately. I / our group still have a lot to learn about everything around this. Our documentary is about our personal journey of "discovery" .. when we went to Area 51, then after that,Jeff, we had no idea that the next day we would be seeing these "things" up in the sky with Jay, that are totally the opposite of the classic UFO belief. 

A big thanks to Franny for getting us kick started & hooking us up with various observers when we started in February. I can also say that we have interviewed people who have seen "craft" or "something" that is hovering above electrical wires extending a tube down to the power lines apparently drawing energy. 

They have also seen lights in the back of their acreage that morphed into what looked like a helicopter complete with lights & then took off but with no sound. All I know is that these so called anomalies can mimic literally anything, including aircraft & birds .. look at Yasmin & Fausto's footage of the fake flock of birds. 

I watched it frame by frame & what appears to be wings flapping are actually lights cycling on & off, individually. I have a video & photos I personally took, of a an airplane which does not look real, flying over "Contact in the Desert". Was my fist sighting as a kid really a mimic? And is the classic UFOlogy really just mimics / anomalies? 

Maybe .. as we continue our journey, I'll report back on what we personally experience. While we are interviewing many, we want to see & experience it first hand, or we don't believe it .. we're treating it as a theory, until we have our own personal proof with our own eyes. 

Efrain, I felt like you when we first started into this ... this whole mimic thing can be a real challenge of our day to day personal reality, a real "mind f*ck", but to me it's the most intriguing fascinating amazing journey I've been on in my whole life!

Rob Freeman Efrain .. it was you who inspired me to go out & get those huge 25x BA (big ass, LOL) binoculars because of what you have been able to see with them .. a big thank you because I'm / we're seeing so much more up there now!

Efrain Iniguez
 Thanks Rob this huge binoculars they really open the eyes and no let to pass nothing.
Rob Freeman And here are the 2 things put together Efrain .. whatever is spotted with the powerful binoculars, is in the middle of the P900 screen on full 83x zoom .. works great .. anything that the group spots now, I can find it in the sky and am automatically getting it on video .. am very happy with this dual system - a spotter scope (binoculars) and the recording camera.
Efrain Iniguez
 You have the best and really impressed!
Jeremy Thomas It can be argued that dual optical systems are the best tool for optical atmospheric observation/surveillance:

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