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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 4/11 às 17:53 -- Modifying a LG LCB5100 security camera for IR spotting.

Modifying a LG LCB5100 security camera for IR spotting.

The LG LCB5100 is an excellent camera in low light conditions, I had used it for a while and I consider it one of the best security cameras that can be used to do infrared spotting in daylight, this describe a very simple procedure that I just did in one new one using a 1000nm infrared pass filter, I had used too 950nm filters and 850nm filters.

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Jeremy Thomas Opening the camera, just the front section:
Jeremy Thomas Then you unscrew the smaller screws, not the ones in the two corners, that will allow you to have direct access to the ccd sensor, note the bluish color in the glass in front of that sensor, that is the IR cutoff filter, that filter cut the infrared from reaching the sensor, we need to remove that sensor:
Jeremy Thomas Cutoff IR filter removed, removing it is very simple:
Jeremy Thomas Now before placing back the sensor board, unscrew the two screws on the corner and place the 25mm IR pass filter exactly in the center, putting back then the sensor board will secure the IR pass filter in place, this is showing the front of the camera section with the IR pass filter already in place:
Jeremy Thomas This is a standard definition camera that needs 12 volts input dc power and a bnc video conector to get video out.
Jeremy Thomas You can then use a manual zoom lens like the following from $12.99 on Ebay with a c- mount adapter in this camera, conecting it to a monitor with rca video input you will have a very good IR spotter, placing it aligned to a superzoom camera as the p900 on a tripod, similar to Rob Freeman spotting setup and then you will have a dual optical system with a IR spotter:

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