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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Franny Hudson 4/11 às 13:39 -- Here is a very cool sighting !

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Franny Hudson Look like the same place Jaime Maussan and his team, let balloons go to try fool the observer.
Jay Lee Hey Franny. I've heard this several times but I am unable to find it anywhere. Could you tell me where I can find this info?
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson, to set the record straight, what I had mentioned several times was the entrapment that MUFON tried on Arturo Robles Gil Chávez, that was not Jaime Maussan, this is the footage, if you read some comments you will see how almost everybody was attacking Arturo Robles Gill and supporting the MUFON actions, that gives an idea of how easy is to turn ignorance against anybody:

MUFON demuestra que el fotógrafo Arturo Robles Gil es un observador poco…
Jeremy Thomas Note also how in this footage is stated unequivocally that: "this footage shows that Arturo Robles Gil is an observer that we should not trust."

That is how MUFON resourses are wasted. I mentioned in a comment in that footage more than a year ago that with the resources wasted in this documentary MUFON could had been able to do active observations over Mexico City and would had seen the same anomalies that Arturo Robles Gil have documented for years, but that obviously is not their goal.

Jeremy Thomas Jaime Maussan will never do what MUFON did because "Tercer Milenio", Maussan's organization depends on the free contributions of skywatchers like Arturo Robles Gil, he will never "attack" his own people, on the other hand anybody that had deal with MUFON will realize more sooner than later that MUFON "experts/analysts" hate active observers because almost anybody doing active observations will gain a level of knowledge that the "armchairs" experts in MUFON do not have, they depend on casual, unexperienced observers, that is why they happily attacked a well known skywatcher as Arturo Robles Gil and by doing that they sent a loud and clear message.
Jeremy Thomas By the way I already invited Arturo Robles Gil Chávez to join our group, hopefully he will join and share with us his amazing experiences.

Ronald Ricardo UFO filmed by discovery going to take a look at this !! thanks Franny!
Jeremy Thomas This is part of a well thought comment in this footage:

...Obviously those that think this is a bunch of Mylar balloons either have never watched a helium balloon that has been let go fly away, or they're so frightened of the idea that they aren't on top of the food chain and an apex predator that cognitive dissonance has become the coping mechanism of choice. ...

John Graf That's a crazy!
Lupyllo Ledezma thats a cluster from millar mimics balloons like the ones we see
Lupyllo Ledezma yes he said globular entity thats how i call them to those mimics globular

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