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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rob Freeman 5/11 às 23:58 -- Cam ce5 attempt.

While strict CE5 is "Stephen Greer", we've interpreted it to include "calling" anomalies. I know also that not everyone believes anomalies can be called, or summoned, but humour us tonight. 
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 Phil Vegh who is a member here & part of our Windsor, ON group that regularly sees anomalies, has organized an "experiment" to start tonight at 9 PM Eastern Time / 6 Pacific, for 1 hour. He has put a link to the HD cameras aboard the ISS below & is asking those who want to participate, to use whatever method you use, or are comfortable with, to ask the the anomalies to show up in full view of the HD cameras on the ISS. As many know, there is already lots of leaked footage circulating on the internet that show anomalies seen from the ISS. Generally NASA tries to black it out or discredit it somehow. If anyone who is watching the live feed, sees anything anomalous, please comment on Phil's event page below, Good luck & let's see if we can collectively make something show up! Updated 8:26 PM direct HD camera link here:

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Patrick Ryan Love this idea. I'm in🏽
Rob Freeman Great Patrick .. and a big thanks to Phil for using his own creative thought to come up with this unique idea / experiment.
Phil Vegh hope it works
Jeremy Thomas Can anybody post ISS live feed cam link? I can't see any link above. Thanks.
Phil Vegh the cam links are in the event desciption, but here it is as well...
***QUICK NOTES ABOUT HDEV VIDEO*** Black Image = International Space Station (ISS) is on the night side…
Jeremy Thomas It may work, many had noticed that anomalies give the "impression" that they know when they are being watched and this act of "watching" could be via direct eye contact or through some live video feed as the viewfinders or monitors connected to cameras.
The "calling" should be done while watching the live video feed. 
Good luck.
Jeremy Thomas I am asking for a red melting heart as one that I got this afternoon...
Rob Freeman I'll start recording at 9 PM using QuickTime "screen recording" (Mac)
Patrick Ryan What is that red dot in the center I see now? Middle of screen 2/3 down.
Jeremy Thomas Do we know that it is a real "live" feed? It is not being delayed or buffered? By watching it now I had noticed some inconsistencies in the feed.
Phil Vegh nice, spotted something already
Patrick Ryan It's been in the same spot the whole time. Center, 2/3 down screen. What is it? Satellite?
Phil Vegh i am seeing many coloured dots flashing on and off on one of the cams...anyone else seeing that?
Patrick Ryan I saw a white flash
Phil Vegh i am seeing many constant flashes, white red blue green. somekind of static in the transmission maybe?
Phil Vegh now the flashes have stopped, they went on for a good 10minutes
Patrick Ryan Red dot is back and flashing now.
Mark McNabb Very interested in this red dot too Patrick ...
Patrick Ryan Convenient loss of signal now..hmmm
Mark McNabb Yea ... exactly ...
Phil Vegh Patrick Ryan the signal loss doesnt last long, the ISS loses line of sight periodically as it orbits
Patrick Ryan Red dot is always there. Could this be a camera artifact?
Phil Vegh i saw a red streak earlier, meteor or cosmic ray hitting the camera?
Phil Vegh i asked the chat room ppl about the static dots... they said that over the south atlantic, the van allen radiation belts dips lower towards the atmosphere, so more cosmic rays are able to get thru to the camera, making those dots flash on and off on the screen.
Rob Freeman Hmmmmmm .. was just watching as the daylight was coming around again .. and the signal went out .. is this the screen that goes on when an anomaly appears? OK .. now I'm seeing the feed again.
Rob Freeman Here is the 1 hour vid ... note the red "anomaly" that appears right at the very end of "our" hour - 59:47 ... coincidence?
Rob Freeman Here is the original one hour 167 MB video file for direct download:
Jeremy ThomasTo be honest what I do not like about this is the lack of control, we have to depend in sources that had shown multiple times not to be fully trustworthy, also the cams are of very wide field, low magnification, that implies that unless an object is relatively close or big it will be reduced to a dot, the same problem that nighttime observers have with their setups, so objects will be reduced to dots or with very litle discernible structure, hard then to make any serious identification and easily debunkable.
Rob Freeman It's true, for example, after studying that footage today, I see the red light in the same spot in the frame at the beginning .. it could be a reflection on the window of lights behind the camera, in the ISS, because at another spot in the footage, you can see other reflections.
Jeremy Thomas You will find definitely more "treasures" analysing footage from active observers than this way, Rob Freeman latest posts are a perfect example of that. NASA have a military component and that makes its "scientific" open output very blury, but active observers had shown many times that they can provide open and clear evidence of anomalous manifestations with very modest means, no need to depend or wait for "big brother".
Rob Freeman Yes and all the more reason why we are trying to & need to continue to experience all these things "first hand", seeing it for ourselves.
Jeremy Thomas But again all venues should be tried, do not be deterred by anybody's arguments.
Rob Freeman Jeremy .. this is a copy & paste from Jen Tyson of our Windsor, ON, group: Hey GUYS IT WORKED!!!! look Just need to work with the time frame. Remember in meditation there is no time you need to focus on time landmarks. I really believe this might have been a response to your thinking about focusing on a sighting at the ISS. They responded before the session started but that's a response. THere hasn't been anything seen there in a long time.
This is the first ISS catch I have had for a while. Whatever the circular object is, it…
Phil Vegh so how do we get them to show up on our schedule?
Rob Freeman They show up when they want .. and sometimes in a way to tell us something .. just ask Franny or any of the other observers 
Emoji smile
 PerhapsJeremy has some good ideas on how to continue working at least 2 more times with this ISS feed. Remember Phil how quite often as soon as one of our observers went to the store / washroom, on several occasions they would show up right away though, almost like a "communication"?
Phil Vegh with all their technology, ya'd think they know how to read a clock
Jeremy Thomas I really don't know about this one, this "round" object stay exactly at the same spot and fades away without moving a single pixel. Thanks for the reference Rob Freeman.
Rob Freeman Yes Phil, but I think they like to play us against ourselves .. confound & confuse us .. my personal thought is they want us to try to figure it out .. to use our creative energies.
Phil Vegh figure what out?
Rob Freeman Many observers who we've interviewed feel intellectually & intuitively that they are trying to "talk" to us, much like a dog might try to talk to it's owner, but first we have to understand the language .. we need to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, from all the information coming in from all the observers. We have to figure out their language. Jeremy has done a lot of experimental work around this.
Patrick Ryan It's kind of like we're at the "I see you, and I know you see me stage". Just an acknowledged connection. Which is great!
Patrick Ryan I believe they could mimic objects perfectly if they truly wanted to, but they intentionally leave a few details out just for us to notice. Just for our benefit, as an answer to our request of contact. Not so much that they would draw unwanted attention to themselves, but it's just kind of a wink. Just to say, yea..we see you guys and we hear your call. Here we are.

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