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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Franny Hudson 7/11 às 12:09 -- Jellyfish Anomaly daytime sighting.

 Found this footage while searching for more people aware of anomalies. Many people I find seem to have recorded them for a while then suddenly stopped.
Not a balloon as many think but a real UFO mystery type of object. Seen several at different altitudes now and the objects do show some control and individua...
Jeremy Thomas Great capture, the ever present anomalies with tether. But we know that the social resistence to accept this reality is really overwhelming, even some active observers members of this group after seeing everything that they themselves had witnessed resist accepting reality, that is another aspect of reality that we need to accept: the rock solid mindset of the almost totality of people and the unwilliness of that totality to change that mindset.
Jeremy Thomas They want to continue dreaming their dreams and will hate you if you try to wake them up, they want their "mechanical artifacts" nothing more ...
Jeremy Thomas We are living literally in a Matrix of myths and misconceptions, freeing ourselves from that Matrix means sometimes to freeing ourselves from social influences/contacts but since we are social beings we really are trapped.

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