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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rob Freeman 13/11 às 4:29 -- It happens over 2 minutes...

Phil did the 2 hour ISS thing again tonight, like last week. I recorded a screen clip & went through the entire 2 hours and found a 2 minute piece where there is an object (anomaly?) slowly dropping from the black of space down & into the lighted part of the atmosphere / horizon. At the risk of getting yelled at, LOL, because it's so small, and really could be anything, I'm including a link to download the the clip in HD for anyone who is interested. If you scroll back & forth really fast, your eye will catch where it is, just to the left of the middle of your screen. I'll have an 800% zoomed in version for Friday.

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Phil Vegh it definately aint a balloon!!
Rob Freeman Going to put the clip into After Affects & zoom in.
Phil Vegh ya, a zoom would be nice
Rob Freeman Here's a link for downloading the HD zoomed in clip .. once again, it happens over 2 minutes, slowly, so scroll quickly forward & back once you view it, to see it plainly:


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