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Friday, March 25, 2016

JASON BALES -- 02:11:2015 -- Weird as hell!!

I want to share this one from Jeff...14 years ago....weird as hell!!

Jeff Willes 11-11-2001 ufo footage

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Jason Bales This is the same camera I shot the crescent shape with this was malfunctioning on Jeff in this vid too...this cam....always draws killer objects...any one know where I can send it to get it refurbished?
Rob Freeman Jason .. just as an FYI, be prepared for "repair price shock" .. I damaged the tripod mount of one of our group's recently purchased Nikon P900s .. Nikon just wrote back with an estimate to fix .. over $300 with taxes! .. that's half the price of the camera .. no thanks .. it functions fine, so we'll keep it as a backup & put the saved money towards a new one. Rumour has it that Canon is coming out with 100x optical zoom at Christmas, vs the 83x of the P900.
Jeremy Thomas Anomalies had been here since ancient times, everything points in that direction, perhaps they are earth zoo "keepers".
Jeremy Thomas Jeff Woolwine maybe could add something in that angle, he participated in the History Channel series: Ancient Aliens.
Jason Bales Man he has tons and tons of footage...
Jeremy Thomas Yes Jason Bales already sub to his YT channel, we had shared here some of Jeff Woolwine great captures.

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