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Friday, March 25, 2016

RONALDO RICARDO -- 01:11:2015 -- Look at this anomaly ! / Remember the STS-75 incident where its satellite tether snapped in 1996 where a 12 mile wide satellite cable snapped and these ...
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Jeremy Thomas That very much could be an anomaly, also is not well known the fact that John Glenn spotted "fireflies" in space, which remind us of the star like anomalies, or orbs. Again the poster in this footage used the word "craft" without really any indicators to do it, the perpetuation of the "mechanicist" expectation and the dismissal of what is almost self evident, these are living entities that can move freely in empty space, but active observers do not need to wait for anybody "release" of footage to know that:

Jeremy Thomas Any scientific institution in the world, NASA included, is runned by scientists with exactly the same mentality that we had seen in the Science forums, any of these manifestations will be "explained away" using sometimes very silly arguments as "ice crystals", dust particles seen out of focus, etc. That will be their "official" explanation, any "dissident" scientist will be fired on the spot, that many times is more than enough deterrent for anybody else, nobody really in the inside dare to challenge the official position.
We had mentioned here how scientists themselves had denounce the atmosphere of intolerance pervading academia today. That does not have anything to do with a "cover-up" because exactly the same atmosphere of intolerance exist in the UFO community.

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