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Sunday, March 20, 2016

JEFFREY HARRISON -- 31:10:2015 -- Anomaly

Buenos dias, fellow summoners! I have a question. Has anyone here ever witnessed or seen convincing footage of a 'nuts and bolts' UFO? And by that I mean something that is demonstratively a physically 'made' unidentifiable flying object and not an organic or metamorphological entity. I've only ever seen one convincing piece of film, and it's a cigar shaped UFO in the video below. Everything else i've seen has looked like CGI or a dodgy hoax (George Adamski, Billy Meier, etc) Cheers.
This is a tracked version from the footage over at Discl0sur3´s Youtube channel:
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Franny Hudson Jeffrey Harrison I would say this was a anomaly still, the pinkish an green colours are something I have seen alot with anomalies. It doesn't tumble I bet thats a ebani the snake type of UFO. I have seen a strange object once, I can share the footage it was brief but strange.
Franny Hudson the closest thing I have seen to a craft but still remain skeptical.
This UFO was summoned by myself this craft was very large an was just…
Jeffrey Harrison That strange object, was it the craft that you once had as an avatar on your Youtube page? Because I was going to mention that as a convincing example also.
Jeffrey Harrison Yes, that's the one.
Franny Hudson Yes I used it as a profile picture not long ago. That was amazing no sound, flying low but still could of been a anomaly. Who knows the more we find out the less we know really lol.
Jeffrey Harrison What looks like a 'made craft' and something that's more organic will blur, and is also a matter or perception and conjecture. 

I thought of another piece of footage, which is of two American 'surfer dude' types on a ship and with a flying craft passing overhead. It's quite a famous piece of film, but I can't seem to find it at the moment.
Jeremy Thomas Jeffrey Harrison we had shared that footage here and on close examination it can be seen to be polymorphic/morphing. I believe that if any piece of "equipment" exist from any real advanced beings it will look "alive" to us. 
Mechanical artifacts created in the minds of classical ufologists are even sometimes behind current human technology, the inconsistencies on that are enough for me to reject the "toys" model of classical ufology that as it had been mentioned here are not based in a systematic and direct observation of reality, consistent observational data reign suppreme.
Jeremy Thomas I had mentioned here before that advanced beings "manifestations" will look "anomalous" to us, some anomalies could be the "constructs" of advanced beings, almost exactly as some occultists had been saying for a long time.
Jeremy Thomas Imagine that you can go back in time to Newton's time and show him a modern car that can be started by remote control, responding to voice commands, etc. Newton himself will denounce you for practicing witchcraft, very likely you will be burned for that and the car destroyed because is the result of satanic forces. 

The more that we go back in time the more "magical" that current human technology will look to fellow humans.

And that is the fundamental mistake done usually by classic ufologists, they assume that "visiting" being will have a level of technology that we can identify and that assumption is very likey wrong just looking at our own technological evolution.
Jeremy Thomas By the way today if burning were allowed our fellow humans scientist will happily denounced active observers of anomalies as practitioners of witchcraft to be burned alive for that.
Jeremy Thomas This is the footage mentioned by Jeffrey Harrison above, it never fails to be amazing and refreshing:

this was a real ufo we spotted in victoria british columbia on june 29th 2008 after a sailing trip. the interesting thing is that if you look at my youtube p...
Jeremy Thomas Anybody will be forced to laugh with these guys, it is really amusing.
Franny Hudson Without a doubt I laugh everytime I watch this sighting!
Jeremy Thomas Franny HudsonJeffrey Harrison this object looks very much like a digit "1" anomaly without the top part.
Jeremy Thomas The "mechanicist" expectation and influence is very strong, but once you star to gain experience observing anomalies, almost all existing footage fall into the anomalies case.
Jeremy Thomas Compare the object in this post footage with the lower part of this:

check out part 2. Dos Palos ufo video part 2
Solidaevidencia Archivos Its strange object.. Change colour in the top, good video!
Luisa Vasconcellos
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Solidaevidencia Archivos Thanks Jeremy for share it.
It's the first time that i film this kind of object in the sky.

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