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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Star Exercise for Cultivating Chi Energy. -- Cosmic Pulse of Life, Trevor James Constable, pp 77-80 [...] Star Exercise for Cultivating Chi Energy. 

 Cosmic Pulse of Life, Trevor James Constable, pp 77-80 [...] 

Dr. Franklin Thomas added two valuable suggestions:

 - First, expect the unexpected. 

- Second, be prepared to persist by going back to the same site on a regular basis, preferably every week at the same time. 

We chose a site between Yucca Valley and Old Woman Springs that was accessible yet isolated. We now had what we believed were the right materials and equipment, a good place to work and an approach that we believed would expose the UFOs in situ. 

There was a missing element. How to attract UFOs to our particular location. 

We have already encountered one aspect of this problem in describing Van Tassel's telepathic communications. He developed a method by which he would make the presence and purpose of his group stand out from the random psychic noise of humanity. Unless we were to be entirely passive in our activities, depending upon the UFOs to manifest, we would have to have a method of attracting attention to our selves. We would have to reach out to the cosmos and not be onlookers. 

The method we developed involved the invisible life energy of my body, the same energy that you have been able to see around your own hands with the aid of the dicyanin goggles or screens. 

Once again, it was the knowledge and insight of Dr. Franklin Thomas that made our experimental beginnings possible. He suggested cyclic repetitions of the "Star Exercise", an esoteric procedure by which the human body force field may be strongly energized. Since those early days, the Star Exercise has been openly published elsewhere, and I am not violating any confidences or secrets by describing it here. 

Face the quadrant (north, south, east or west) to which the sun is closest at the time you are commencing the exercise. In the morning, before dawn, you would naturally begin facing the east. At noon, you would face south, and so on. 

With legs spread apart easily, and with arms parallel to the ground, gently oscillate the body a few degrees across the north-south or east-west line of the earth. If you are sensitive, you will feel small warm spots in the downturned palms of your hands. In the region of the thymus you will also feel a slight impact at resonance. These indications enable you to "tune" yourself to the magnetic and diamagnetic fields of the Earth. 

For a substantial part of my life I have been professionally connected with the art and acts of tuning electronic apparatus, so this new kind of tuning came easily to me. Practice will bring it within reach of virtually anyone. 

The main thing is to do it - to participate. You will inevitably become conscious of these subtler natural forces. Later in our work, we captured the radiation jumping out from my fingertips at resonance, recording this on high speed infrared motion picture film. Therefore, it is not theoretical, imaginary or merely a concept that there is such radiation. 

Securing proof on film of this resonance point as my body was rotated across the west-to-east lines of the earth served to verify the assertion of electrical pioneer Michael Faraday that man in his totality is diamagnetic. 

Performing the Star Exercise involved finding the resonance point while facing east, then turning 180° around to the right and finding it again. Then 90° to the right and finding it while facing north, then 180° to the right and finding it again while facing south. Thereafter, I would turn 270° to the right and return to face the east and begin again. I would perform from sixty to one hundred repetitions of this procedure in the dawn period.

Performance of the Star Exercise in this fashion results in a regular pattern of bioenergetic pulsations in the ether. 

Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work in weather control, which we have carried forward in recent times, has verified the extreme sensitivity of the earth's orgone energy envelope to any kind of stimulus or disturbance capable of affecting this continuum directly. 

My purpose was to get myself noticed by unseen intelligences not of our own physical density and polarity, but having their existence in an unseen borderland. This was the whole purpose of these long repetitions of the Star Exercise. 

Draw a parallel from everyday human life. Traffic passes your home day and night, something you accept as routine. The occasional blowing horn, cries of children or revving automobile engines do not attract your attention. If someone should turn a strong spotlight on your living room window however, and flash it fifteen times a minute every night at 9 p.m., what then? You are going to go to the window to see who is trying to attract your attention and why. 

This is what we did with the borderland to our own world. Under extremely dry conditions, and with a stiff breeze blowing, Jim could "see" by looking past me into the western sky - just as you look past your hands to see the rays of energy from your fingers - that my body was surrounded by a huge, luminous sphere that pulsed regularly with my movements. 

As the exercise was continued, the sphere would grow slowly larger, extending at times to a perceivable diameter of well over one      hundred feet. This highly unusual yet intelligent activity by a human being in a remote place - a locale where elemental forces normally held sway - quickly precipitated a response. Blindingly fast flashes of movement began appearing around me, and Jim sought to capture these on film. They were at no time tangible in the regular ocular range, but required the same subtle shift in the focus of vision as is necessary to see the radiation of your own etheric double.

 From inside the luminous sphere that Jim reported seeing around me, I could also see luminous things darting at incredible speed. They moved so rapidly that it was not possible to react fast enough with the camera shutter. Something was there. No space ships showed on our films in an unequivocal fashion, but we found that against the black sky background produced by infrared film, there were present in ethereal, barely tangible form, the shapes of many of the standard bell-shaped flying discs. -------------------------------- (It is offline)

We felt that rather than give you one of the more physical yoga exercises for our "freebie", you would appreciate trying one of the dramatic energy techniques of the ancients. The Star Exercise certainly is the greatest of those. Are you ready for an energy "buzz"? Then read on. 

We consider the Star Exercise to be the ultimate yoga technique. But it is also much more than that. It can open a person to perceiving things beyond the limits of the 5 senses. And for centuries, it has also been used by our monks for rejuvenation, and as the most powerful way to generate energy for healing use (Reiki/universal life energy). 

Much university research has shown that this healing energy does exist, and affects both human, plant, and microscopic life. At UCLA for instance, healers were able to inhibit the growth of bacteria in control groups. Plants exposed to a healer’s hands grew stronger, faster and bigger. The Star Exercise is the best way to generate this energy, and for most people, it does not need to be "practiced", but rather is instant and immediate.

The Star Exercise is a means of storing, generating, and transmitting, the basic energy force of life. We prefer to call it Universal Life Energy (ULE), but this energy has had many names in various times and traditions, i.e., prana, reiki, bio-cosmic energy, etc. Martial artists often call it chi or ki. 

When you do the Star Exercise, it not only permeates your own body with energy, but it flows in and out of you, allowing you to use it to give energy to others, for healing, and to flow/merge energy with a group of people. ULE/Reiki is very high frequency, etheric, having some attributes that could be described as electric, yet the energy can be affected & directed by the mind and emotions. ULE permeates everything (remember the force Luke). It can be photographed by means of "Kirlian" electro-photography, and much was done with this at UCLA. 

In such photographs, it appears as streams of energy, or "auras" or both. In all your yoga exercises, it is beneficial to be conscious of, and working with, this energy. Its supply is limitless, because it is all around us. When you do the Star Exercise, it is best to remove shoes and socks if possible. Also remove any thing on your body, like glasses, jewelry, watches, objects in pockets, anything that could harm you if you fall. Also make sure the area around you is free of any objects that could harm you if you fall. The reason for this is that sometimes the energy is so powerful, that if your body’s "electrical systems" are not yet built up enough to take it, you can have a "white out" or it will knock you down. 

Most of the time however, you will just get a "rush" and feeling of well being, a nice, warm, energizing, peaceful, tingly "buzz". Warning: Always check with a doctor before embarking on new exercises like this. 

To do the Star Exercise, stand with your feet about a yard apart, arms straight out to your side like this: Turn your left palm up, right palm down. Begin breathing intensely, and deeply. Sometimes you may want to do this breathing rapidly, as hard as you can. Other times you may want to do it slowly, yet still deeply and intensely. 

The purpose of this breathing is to draw ULE from the air into your Solar Plexus area (nerve center around the stomach). In a way, you could compare this to rubbing a balloon to make static electricity. 

While you visualize & feel the energy entering your Solar Plexus area and building there, also see & feel the energy distribute from your Solar Plexus, throughout your whole being. At the same time, visualize the energy flowing into your left hand, through you, and out of your right hand. Continue doing this. 

Depending on the circumstances, it may take anywhere from just a few breaths, to over a hundred, to get the desired energy effect. However, you won’t experience this intense energy rush until after you finish your breathing and go on to the next step. 

Next, inhale, hold the breath, and continue the visualization. Some people like to do a mental, silent affirmation at the same time like : "Universal Life Energy is flowing through me now, I feel it." At this point, if you have done it correctly, you should start feeling the energy rush. Only hold your breath and enjoy the energy for as long as is comfortable to you. 

Exhale, continue the visualization and affirmation. If you wish, the energy flowing from your right hand can be given to someone or something to help rejuvenate, soothe and heal. Some people say that the rush you get is from getting too much oxygen via hyperventilation. But ask yourself, if that is so, why doesn’t a person breathing pure oxygen get the same effect? And how does it sometimes work with as little as ONE breath? 

As I said earlier, the Star Exercise is great to do with others. The first time I did it was with a hundred monks holding hands in a circle. The amount of energy that spun around like a whirlwind through us in that circle was phenomenal. If done with just one other person, it can be done in two ways: 1) Stand facing each other and grasp each other’s hands (making a mini-circle for the energy). 2) Stand side-by-side, and join just the hands that are between you, leaving one person’s hand open and up for receiving energy, and the other person’s hand open and downward for sending the energy to the ground. 

It looks something like this: If doing it with a group of people, form a circle with all joining hands. Besides the same visualizations you do when you are doing it alone, also visualize the energy going around the entire circle, and gaining strength as it gets a boost from each person in the circle.


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