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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 7/11 às 18:14 -- The passion for observing.

UFO Lou own words: ******BEST CAPTURE EVER****** one hour ago! (HOT!). Just remember that he is using a 2x optical magnification setup, with that setup any one foot span object will be reduced to a dot beyond 1000 feet distances as tests had shown, but these people still are unaware of the technical limitations of their equipment and continue to assume explicitly or implicitly that these dots under observation are far away in space, the perpetuation of the myths, these two objects could be easily two birds beyond the 1000 feet distance, way closer than space:

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Jeremy Thomas These kind of things actually should tell anybody that if even people with years of experience as Lou can make that kind of claims, can we really trust personal accounts from events that happened years ago? 

Even from ourselves? We see what we want to see and fill with imagination any missing details. That is why only consistent and recurrent observations can unravel the maze.
Jeremy Thomas Comment:

The implicit assumption here is that these objects are far away, perhaps in space, but calculations and tests had shown that any setup as Lou's setup of around 2x optical magnification will reduce any object of one foot span to a dot if the object is beyond 1000 feet distances, birds have around one foot span more or less and birds usually fly beyond 1000 feet altitudes. 

Even a recent footage from Lou himself showed a flock of birds that he was able to identify by their sound not by their shapes, birds beyond certain distance will be reduced to dots in low optical magnification equipment, no wing flapping will be seen just dots. 

That is the fundamental limitation of low optical magnification equipment, it will produce lots of dots and dots can't be identified, so this equipment will produce lots of UFOs, but can we assume what these ufos are?
Jeremy Thomas I added an olive branch:

Let me add here that Lou have extremely valuable and rare asset: the passion for observing, that had been an inspiration for many, myself included and I thank him again for that. But the use of low optical magnification equipment is conspiring against really knowing about these anomalies, we need to know the structure of these moving dots and for that higher magnification equipment is needed. 

When these dots are resolved in their structure something unexpected is found, something that many find very hard to believe, but more people using high optical equipment more people will be documenting the reality behind these dots and Lou will be one that many will listening to, so I make a call to Lou to use high magnification equipment and resolve the structure of these dots. Thanks for sharing the results of all your efforts.

Jeremy Thomas Efrain Iniguez can you be a litle more explicit? What do you find interesting and why? Lo puedes decir en castellano tambien.

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