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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rob Freeman 13/11 às 13:58 -- Here is Jeremy's tree branch creature?

Here is Jeremy's tree branch creature? / organism? / anomaly? / mimic? motion tracked & zoomed. It's fantastic to think there may be living things in our atmospheric "sea" .. we're on the "seabed" looking up .. what a journey we are on ... traditional research biologists / scientists don't have a clue!
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Jeremy Thomas Exactly Rob Freeman they really do not have a clue, they are trapped in hardcore preconceptions and we had seen how damaging is to people these preconceptions. Thanks for the share and work. As always you can make this public in any way that you like, the more people seeing these anonalies the more active observers that hopefully we can get.

Jeremy Thomas This one behaved in a clear alive way, in IR you can clearly see its "filaments" moving and its movement was very fast sometimes with sudden changes in direction.

Rob Freeman That's an exciting thought for me & motivates me to put together an IR spotting system .. I'm not even close as being technically skilled like you Jeremy, and it intimidates the hell out of me, LOL ... would you consider me commissioning you to build me such a system? I know you have complete instructions posted on YouTube & on FB here, but I'm in "kindergarten" when compared to you, who are in "post-graduate university", with this stuff, LOL. And can you imagine us comparing what is seen over Canada here vs you in Florida, USA?
Jeremy Thomas Rob Freeman I will be very happy to help you or anybody else to put together a IR spotting system, it is really not hard once you build one. I can provide detailed step by step instructions in building one. We can open a thread post here or in any other convenient site. Facebook interface is not very user friendly for forum-type postings.

But definitely IR spotting is a must for anybody that seriously wants to delve into the world of anomalies, the almost totality of anomalies are not easy to spot with naked eye, IR bypass that limitation to some degree and I strongly encourage people to move beyond naked eye spotting.

Jeremy Thomas The really "ultimate" spotting system is one using IR and radar, that is the next step moving forward.

Rob Freeman OK Jeremy, I'll take you up on this ... if you promise to be patient with me, as I am "all thumbs", and take me slowly step by step as I go out & pick things up & start to piece this system together, "I'm in". 
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Jeremy Thomas Ok, but let me star the threah here providing the exact components that I suggest, the devil is in the details and sometimes whole projects can be stopped by simple details.

Rob Freeman OK ... that's great Jeremy, thanks ... I'm heading to the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area, for a weekend daytime anomaly hunting expedition, to Jason Bales's area, where for years he has seen many daytime anomalies rurally. I also live in the country & am trying to coax the anomalies to show up here. I'll start going out & picking up / ordering the things you suggest.

Jeremy Thomas But before we move to that let me add a funny coincidence, we already had seen anomalies sending "graphic/ideo-graphics" messages, transmitting "meaning", the day before to this sighting I had to open a way through some small trees to make an installation, I did that during puoring rain and I was completely soaked in water, but the small bush that I had to cut is formed by small trees very similar to this anomaly and actually I used that image to name the footage:
Rob Freeman That's a great "communication" ... we've had similar "coincidences" where we were talking about certain things, then we spot an anomaly that is related in it's shape, appear.

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