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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 16/11 às 5:31 -- Variable anomaly "landing" in a river.

Great capture from budgetmoon of Variable anomaly "landing" in a river.
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Efrain Iniguez Con todo respeto pero creo que el objeto parece ser una bolsa que la lleva el aire.En el video se ve claramente la dirección del viento y la persona que grabó el video se ve que fue a buscarlo asta allí todo iba bien pero nunca se supo que fue lo que era aquello porque?Ver tradução
Franny Hudson Jeremy Thomas can we let Efain go from the group please, just till hes learned the truth! what we are saying is falling on death ears again.
Franny Hudson Great footage! I love his camcorder it really brings out alot of details. Never seen a variable do this before! shame we never seen it leaving the water that would of been amazing.
Franny Hudson Jeremy I have deleted Efain! because I dont mind debating this subject, but if your just going to put messages on every video saying balloons and bags. Then your in the wrong place, I have enough of this on YouTube and Google plus its not happening here why am around or I will end up leaving.
Jeremy Thomas Franny Hudson you made the right call I had already suggested him to move from the group giving his obvious preconceptions, sad because he really have "potential".
Franny Hudson Thanks Jeremy Thomas I really did give him a chance here, but seems he refuses to believe and where all wrong. Hopefully he will continue to do observations and when he knows it's real, we can welcome back to the group. I just don't have time for people with closed mind's, he will see the truth eventually if he's doing daylight observations.
Jeremy Thomas If this were an "invasion" it is done in the open in front of everybody's eyes and no one sees anything, ironically we believe that we are on the top of the food chain.
Solidaevidencia Archivos This is spectacular film !!! I share in my site... Thanks Jeremy for sharing !!!!!!
Rob Freeman Have motion tracked Budgetmoon's video for group study purposes - will be posted on main page Tues AM.

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