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Monday, March 28, 2016

Rob Freeman 11/11 às 4:28 -- Birds Fight over Anomaly

Here is Zaid's "Orb" video from Sunday motion tracked, zoomed & slowed down. Watch the 2 birds fight over the anomaly, then the bird tries to tear apart the anomaly with it's claws & beak. Then at the end, another anomaly comes up - to distract?

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Lupyllo Ledezma nice video and the trackin motion is very good
Zaid Hernandez Thanks rob very good job
Rob Freeman Efrain, was that taken the same day, the same sighting?

Efrain Iniguez Muy interesante tu video RobVer tradução

Efrain Iniguez I don't remember where I took this picture .I'm sure was about two months ago.
Rob Freeman Thanks Efrain, it was Zaid of course who took the video - I motion tracked it, zoomed in & slowed it down using Adobe After Effects .. with all this motion tracking that I'm doing, I'm spending a lot of time with each sighting .. literally frame by frame, and seeing a lot of interesting things not usually spotted .. I just did one for Jason, of his first daytime sighting from years back, a canopy shape, but metallic looking .. he'll likely post it shortly.
Jason Bales OMG....has cristian saldano seen this.....?? he got a bird trying this too....but man...motion Rob Freeman
Rob Freeman Cristian .. do you have a similar video that you can post?
Jason Bales he does...i don't know if hes on here now....he in buenos aires...
Jason Bales we have to get attention..tag him or has this same thing..but this incident here...lasted longer..amazing!!
Rob Freeman Just tagged him in my text post, he should see it.
Luisa Vasconcellos

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Jeremy Thomas A second example of bird trying to catch anomaly from Pablo Nobile, Buenos Aires Argentina:

Después de cuatro años de investigar este fenómeno siguiendo la línea de prestigiosos investigadores de Argentina quienes descubrieron tan extraordinaria inf...

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