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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rob Freeman 12/11 às 16:40 -- Is there a message here?

Franny posted this yesterday - have now motion tracked & zoomed it - reminds me of the spaceman / humanoid vid from LA. A bit into the vid, it looks like a family of 3, then later it looks like they are flying like Superman with their hands down .. is there a message here?

Has been motion tracked & zoomed 500%, for exclusive use of the Advance Anomalies Study Group on ...

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Rob Freeman Family of 3 flying, with hands down holding something? Message here?
Jeremy Thomas Cool footage. It looks like in these manifestations if there is no something unequivocal as characters are then the shapes very much are subject to anybody's perception, similar to the psychological random picture tests. What is clear is the fluidity seen already in many morphing/polymorphic anomalies, self luminosity and changing colors.

I strongly believe that we need to be proactive and "force" the "conversation" in a way that we can control and understand. Consistent signalling is a way in that direction.
Franny Hudson Great rob, the motion tracking and digital zoom paid off with this one! Looked like liquid plasma, changing its shape into digits and other familiar objects amazing.
Rob Freeman Thanks Ronald .. as mentioned before, if any of the members have specific vids to motion track, just private msg me .

Efrain Iniguez Yes......we are not alone!

Efrain Iniguez Este objeto lo capte hace unos minutos 10:12 p.m. estaba suspendido de los cables eléctricos cuando sacó el celular para tomarle fotos decidí tomar un video primero cuando llevaba apenas unos segundos de grabación este se comenzó a deslizarse por el alambre luego se aleja muy lentamente es cuando corro a traer mi cámara para capturarlo en fotografia en el aire pero estaba oscura la noche y me fue imposible tomarle una buena foto. Lo curioso del video es que se escucha el llanto de un bebé y una carcajada muy terrorífica pues no había niños al rededor.que sería?Ver tradução

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