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Sunday, March 20, 2016

ERIC ERASMO RENDON -- 31:10:2015 -- Angel Hair??

I would like to share one of my videos I took a few days ago of a lot of these moving across the sky John Graf look at what is falling from the Chem -Trail-Clouds, I've watched them move at times they look like they are a part of some living bacteria or something.


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Jason Bales thats exactly what i film
Patrick Ryan Nice capture. WTF is that? 

John Graf It is a chemical web falling from the sky...from these mysterious chemtrail planes. Good catch Eric. We are under attack...and many have no clue. Google MORGELLONS DISEASE people.
Jeremy Thomas This had been observed multiple times falling from a clear sky without any clouds, hard to associate it with chemtrails, Jason Bales have an extensive collection of recordings showing that, in some cases you can see the "angel hair" coming out of what look like variable anomalies, this is one great example:

Chris Chibnall Is that "Morgellons" video a joke?
Rob Freeman Interesting John .. there are lots of articles turning up in a Google search:

CDC study finds no infectious cause for mysterious Bay Area illness Morgellons disease Related SAN…

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