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Monday, March 28, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 12/11 às 0:14 -- Similar anomalies had been recorded by Robert Bingham and Lupyllo Ledezma.

Anomaly spotted today and tracked from 4:13pm to 5:41pm. Similar anomalies had been recorded by Robert Bingham and Lupyllo Ledezma, but since this anomaly was beyond naked eye spotting some polymorphic elements and self luminosity are present in this anomaly. This is a segment at 5:18pm.

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Jeremy Thomas Comparing this anomaly footage with Robert Bingham's andLupyllo Ledezma's it can be appreciated how in these two cases the anomaly shape was very much "fixed", like a solid balloon, but when the same anomaly is spotted at very long range its shape is not fixed anymore and some self luminosity is observed, I tracked it for more than one hour and I saw it glowing behind clouds with the sun in the west and this anomaly on the east.

Ronald Ricardo Fantastic Jeremy how do you stabilize the footage ? its not so shocking anymore ! great footage !!

Ronald Ricardo Dear Jeremy i want to complement you for all the work research and footage you send and share with the group ! you are doing a fantastic job ! again and again i,m amazed that you are finding new ways to upgrade and share your findings ! thanks my friend for the friendship and trust !
Jeremy Thomas Thanks Ronald Ricardo I am learning a lot from the interactions with the outstanding members of this group, you can not find any other place on this planet with such assembly of amazing people. I always try to learn from the people that are getting results, that is always a sure way to get results too. Thanks for your feedback and great work.

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