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Monday, March 28, 2016

Jeremy Thomas 11/11 às 13:43 -- Polymorphic anomaly.

This is footage from 3:50pm to 3:59pm of the polymorphic anomaly spotted on 11/09/15 from 3:08pm to 5:12pm. Clear polymorphism can be seen and also note that this object never tumbles. Also note that this object is very static considering that this is at 280x optical magnification.
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Jeremy Thomas For you to have a reference the Nikon p900 have a maximal optical magnification of 357/7.6= 46x. Zoom factor is not the same as optical magnification.
Rob Freeman Great documentation on this one Jeremy .. clear, slow, and the digits that present. This is a "must see" for the members.
Jeremy Thomas Also note the "fluid" consistency of this object lower section, that have been observed many times. This polymorphic anomaly spotted in Syria is a closer example were that fluidity is seen:
Rob Freeman Jeremy, just posted the motion tracked / zoomed version of your video on the main FB page.

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