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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Franny Hudson 13/11 às 12:15 -- Footage taking by Jeremy Thomas on UFO Planet

footage taking by Jeremy Thomas on UFO Planet today footage starts at 14.07.
A look at the top UFO headlines and recently reported sightings from around the planet.
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Jeremy Thomas Thanks for the share Franny Hudson but it is clear that for Darin the only options are "crafts", even the laminar anomaly that he presented before that was going down and then up he mentioned explicitly that, it is sometimes very hard to understand that very narrow set of options.

Jeremy Thomas Commented over there:

Thanks for the program Darin. It is really amazing that for many UFO enthusiasts when unidentified objects are mentioned only "mechanical" artifacts are considered, that is why to see the pervasive and unsupported use of words like: "crafts", "fleet", etc. 

It is very likely that many of the anomalies being observed are living beings, they behave like being alive, some could be even earth based life forms. 

The accumulated observational data from active observers using high magnification equipment fully confirmed that. 

And the "heat" that you mentioned is always coming from people with no experience using high magnification optical equipment, if they use higher magnification they will find the same anomalies, but some people are stuck using low magnification and very happy seeing dots and calling these dots: crafts or fleet without really knowing what is behind the dots. Thanks again for your program.

Jeremy Thomas For some unknown reason to me Fausto Perez "responded" to the previous message in Darin channel, he may think that he is aluded in the previous comment, but in reality he was not at all, his reply was also completely out of synch with my comment:

if you saw my camera it actually is a 600 times zoom scope attatched to an slr, we also have the most powerfull telescope in ufology as well as for others in our group we use to record instead of critizise wordings how about we focus on getting the word out?

I spent to year donating my time and devotion to build the orginization that it is today. We dont doubt the biological theory either if you trully paid attention to our work, my tag include such things as ebe's extra terrestrial biological entities. 

Instead of attacking each other for something as little as vinacular shouldnt we focus on how to best present the evidence to the people so we may reach and illuminate the truth for as many people who can comprehend it?

Jeremy Thomas This was my answer to Fausto Perez:

Did you read what I said? 
Did you watched the program? 

I was responding to the people that Darin mentioned were saying that the objects were balloons, objects similar to the ones that had been recorded in many summoning events, so your reply is really out of synch with what I said. 

I have all the right in the world to "respond" to people that usually are full of preconceptions and use very outdated equipment, I never for a second was referring to you or your group, I had publicly stand with summoners when they had been "attacked". So watch the program again and rethink your answer back.

Jeremy Thomas But somehow I know from were this is coming, in his recent post, Fausto Perez in the group about a "fleet" of objects I criticized his use of the word "fleet", but it was here in "private" giving arguments why I thought that. 

But his answer to that private critique he made "public" with this reply in Darin's program. I can say the following: What I do and what I may say will be in collision with any ideas or statements that are not fully supported by consistent observational data, the myths promoted by classical ufology and ufo believers are not supported by consistent observational data, hence I will be in collision course with them and that had been clear from the start, the believers will "attack" anybody that place in danger their beliefs, it is only fair to respond to these attacks, but it is well known in military strategy that the best line of "defense" is a devastating offensive, no attacking a single individual but the very foundations of your "enemies" beliefs and territory.
Jeremy Thomas And let me add that the "wording" is very important, words have meaning and intentions behind them, the words that you use to describe a given event said a lot about what you think and about what you believe.

 If to describe a group of dots in the sky you use the word "fleet" that implies that even when you do not know what is behind the dots you are imaging what it is, also if you are using that word just because everybody use it then that also said a lot about what you think or if you use the word just as a marketing tool then that also said a lot about your intentions and what you really are looking for.

Jeremy Thomas And Fausto Perez when you said "we use to record", implying that I do not do that or not enough, well I can say that I am not behind anybody in that department.

Also you mentioned your time invested on this as a "donation", well all my time doing observations, the more important aspect of all of this I considered as a "gift" given to me and I am always looking forward for it, if I were a religious person I would say "thanks lord for giving me that precious gift", we are not giving anything out or "donating" anything, 

we are receiving something wonderful.

Jeremy Thomas Now regarding the "technical" aspects of your comment: you are using a 600mm lens in a dslr camera, these cameras are very good, but if you had followed what had been posted in this group you will be a little less tented to boast about your camera, the sensor size of these cameras is around 27mm in a 600mm lens that gives an optical magnification of 22x, that is lower than the magnification of any of the superzoom cameras: Canon sx50 or sx60, or Nikon p600 or p900. 

Now claiming that you have the more powerful telescope in ufology is an empty claim without giving any details like the type of the telescope and the camera used.

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