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Friday, March 25, 2016

JEREMY THOMAS -- 01:11:2015 -- Ideas About Anomalies

Ideas About Anomalies.

The UFO phenomenon is and have been almost always a "local" phenomenon, a phenomenon with manifestations witnessed in our planet or near space, so any connection/extrapolation made from these local occurrences to far away places in the Universe is really just speculation.

As a local phenomenon its study have to be concentrated where it have occurred and where it is occurring in almost a daily basis: here in our planet, in our atmosphere, and anomalies are the more concrete manifestation of that phenomenon.

One general strategy when tackling any complex problem that have been used very successfully in all human activity have been to split that complex problem in many small ones more amenable to be solved, that strategy is constantly used in science and it is clear that it is one of the best approaches that can be taken when doing a serious study of the very complex UFO phenomenon that arguably can be considered as the more complex problem ever encounter by man.

So concentrating the study on anomalies reduced the "problem" to one more amenable to be solved, now we have a "problem" that can be "solved" by using a pure scientific approach by: "A systematic controlled study/observation of the phenomenon that will allow with time to decipher regularities and make classification or the construction of a systematic theory based on the observed facts."

If the reality of anomalies is accepted by the scientific community( I do not have doubts of that reality ) after some carefully scientifically controlled observations, similar to the ones done for sprites, the implications of that reality will be far reaching, these are some implications, there are some speculative elements in the following:

• Very likely anomalies are a new life form, many observations of anomalies reflect "aliveness", they behave like living beings.

• These life forms can move freely in empty space.

• In the same way that we have macroscopic and microscopic life forms here on earth it is very likely that we will find also microscopic anomalies, the anomalies observed until now have been macroscopic.

• The fact that anomalies are life forms and they can move freely in empty space implies that they will be pervasive, at least in almost the totality of the solar system, very likely beyond that.

• Space is then "non empty" as was though before, but it have to be considered as a vast "ecosystem" with an astronomical number of different types/species of anomalies.

• If anomalies are life forms and they are pervasive at least in all the solar system is evident then that they will have a very deep relationship with any life forms in the solar system, including all life forms on earth, that relationship will be one of the aspects that any research of anomalies will have to study.

• Since anomalies are pervasive in all the solar system and very likely beyond that their numbers are really astronomical and maybe their possible presence in all the Universe will have a "Cosmological effect" that have not been taken in count before.

• Life is present/pervasive through the Universe.

Some of these ideas were already exposed byTrevor J Constable and Fred Hoyle.

I consider Trevor J Constable as the real pioneer/discoverer of anomalies, but I do not share his para-physical ideas.
Jeremy Thomas This was posted originally on July 20 2014 at ufonv, from where I am banned now:

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