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Monday, March 28, 2016

Franny Hudson 12/11 às 14:41 -- The anomalies are the "messages" ...

Jeremy Thomas Great catch! That is an anomaly with high level of strangeness and I may be mistaken but doing some digital zooming some shapes could be there.
Franny Hudson Appears to morph into a digit 2 or possibly a number 3. This was a very strange sighting, I seen a seagull in the distance on a black cloudy background. It sometimes makes the birds give the appearance of glowing! It seemed to be remaining stationery that's when it quickly sunk it this was possible a anomaly then I started recording.
Franny Hudson Thanks Jeremy Thomas yes I will do some zooming if I get time, am sure it morphed into a digit at some point during the footage also.
Jeremy Thomas The anomalies are the "messages" and we need to learn how to "modulate" that message giving hints(signals) to anomalies of how we want to "communicate".
Mark McNabb From the start (for us), the way they appeared, their timing, their appearance, all of it, just felt like one big communication 'puzzle'. It's amazing to go back to older sightings, to see what has been missed, how it could all link together. "These strange flying things have to be permitted to speak to us in their own way, and their language for now is the mode of their manifestation” (you all know I love Constable's book!)
Lupyllo Ledezma very nice catch bro one of the few times we can see one of those flashing in a cloudy day

Franny Hudson Yeah bro they dont normally glow when the weather's bad! They know if they glow on a horrible day, it can't be explained as sun light reflecting only two times have I seen this happen now. 
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